Americans Not Concerned About Abortion

2024 Election Crisis

Bad news for the Democrats – their only single-voter issue seems to be the lowest priority among voters. The Democrats have long used the Roe v Wade battle as their final speaking point to attract voters. A new June Cygnal survey found that Americans are understandably more concerned with other issues plaguing the nation, and abortion will not be the focal point that they had hoped.

The Democrats, especially the likes of Hillary Clinton, tote abortion as their saving grace. Clinton has created merchandise and slogans about protecting women’s rights, as if abortion will cause half of the population to vote blue. Illegal immigration was stated as the second highest priority for voters, with 19.7% of voters voicing concerns. I began to write an article about the ongoing rapes across the globe where migrant men are attacking young girls but was too disgusted to finish the article. Look it up for yourselves if you don’t have a weak stomach. The migrant crisis is the main threat not only to global economies but to women’s rights. These men are usually let free to commit yet another attack as it would be intolerant and racist to force a migrant to abide by the laws in the nation they chose to reside in.


Around 27.9% of respondents believe inflation and the overall economy is the biggest issue facing America.  Americans are struggling to survive with personal debt rising to historic highs across all demographics and social classes. Black and Hispanic voters, who the Democrats believe must vote blue, notably stated that economic issues will be their top priority this November.

Climate change (5.9%), gun control (5.8%), and abortion (4.1%) are the main blue speaking points but Americans are growing less concerned about these issues. We are five months away from the election. The Democrats do not have a strong platform. They do not have a strong candidate. They simply cannot win this election fairly.

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