North Korea Engages in Biowarfare?

North Korea ECM 2

North Korea’s qualms with its southern neighbor have long been a petty battle. North Korea floated 1,000 balloons filled with trash and fecal matter to South Korea last month. What began as a disrespectful practical joke could turn into a false flag for war. The South Korean Unification Ministry has reported that the balloons were filled with parasites, which could be considered an act of biowarfare.

This is not to say that South Korea will declare war or consider this an act of war. We are on the brink of the next global conflict and simply any threat to the allies of the West could be used as the false flag to justify war. South Korea is a “longstanding partner” of NATO, but not a member. South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol was the first South Korean president to begin attending NATO summits as it moves closer to potentially joining the alliance.

NATO and South Korea founded the Individually Tailored Partnership Programme last year to collaborate on cybersecurity and disbarment efforts. North Korea’s recent alliance with Russia is of great concern to NATO and its presence is now felt in the Indo-Pacific region.

Did North Korea intentionally send parasites in those balloons? No one knows, but scientists are studying the fecal matter to understand disease prevalence in the hermit kingdom. Defectors from North Korea are commonly treated for parasites, and it is well-known that the citizens are facing a famine and are forced to forage for whatever food they can find. Nothing happens in North Korea with the approval of Kim Jong-Un. Was this a case of pettiness or an attempt to show the South that it could penetrate their airspace? It would not matter for the Neocons could easily declare it was an act of biological warfare to claim the enemy had fired the first shot.

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