Documentary: Unsustainable ‘The U.N. Agenda For World Domination’


While there has been a new Documentary floating around that insists everything is a conspiracy from chemtrails to the UN, the danger with such extreme positions is that it becomes cover for those really behind the curtail with their agendas. Throw everything in, and it becomes so overwhelming they get to call everyone who ascribes to this and conspiracy theorists.

United Nations Drawing




It does NOT take a conspiracy theory to understand that NO MATTER WHAT body of government one creates, like a small businessman always trying to expand his business, those in charge of any government entity simply do the same. It remains part of human nature. In this video clip, former President Hollande of France explains the same theory that one European government would end European wars. That was the same theory that motivated Napoleon and Hitler. Their distorted view of history was to resurrect the Roman Empire, but while it was one government, it had many civil wars.

Empires 3rdCentury Rome Map

During the 3rd century, after the Roman Emperor Valerian I (253-260AD) was captured by the Persians, there was a great financial crisis. Bankers questioned if they should still accept Roman coins. The empire split into three. This is the same old trend of we can improve the world with one government. That rejects democracy, freedom, or even the right for the people to decide what form of government they even want. This is the scheme, and it has nothing to do with Chemtrails.  This is about power, and even the regulatory agencies always claim they could not prevent some crash all because they needed some other power; this is the trend everywhere. Thanks to 911, we still have to take off our shoes when we board a plane. TSA will now consume more and more power with the passage of every year.

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