How To End Ukrainian War in 5 minutes


When Yugoslavia broke up, it did so along ethnic lines. This is why the West is waging World War III because they hate Russians when there is no difference here between Yugoslavia and Ukraine. The Donbas should have been allowed to separate, for that is the fundamental human right that the West is ignoring, claiming the sovereignty of Ukraine is paramount. They could have done the same with Yugoslavia and denied all the people any right to separate. The denial of human rights carried out by the West against the people of the Donbas simply because they are Russian will go down in history, but this time, they will be on the wrong side of history. The hatred of Russians is why there is this opposite policy for Ukraine compared to Yugoslavia.

Merkel_Minsk_Buy_Time_to Prepare for wart

The West negotiated in bad faith and deliberately set the stage for this war. Chancellor Merkel of Germany admitted that the Minsk Agreement with Russia was just to buy time for Ukraine to build an army to carry out the directions to start World War III so the West could all default on their debts as they did after World War II and at last gain all the natural wealth of Russia.


The Neocon hatred of all Russians is legendary. They do not care how many Ukrainians die, and along as they take two Russians with them. This is not just genocide, it would be defined on the streets today as a HATE CRIME. But they are above the law.



The Neocons like Lyndsey Grachm keep claiming Putin wants to resurrect the old USSR when he has had since 1999 to make a move. All we hear is hatred and war, and Grachm finally lets it slip that this war is over money. The minerals of $10-$12 trillion are a gas field under Crimea. If we are outlawing gas stoves, that gas field is against Biden’s Climate Change agenda. But this is propaganda and just hatred of Russians because they used to be Communists.  They have no regard for the lives lost or that 8 to 10 million Ukrainians have fled their homes. This is just raw hatred and nothing more. There can be no peace until we remove these people from every government, and Russia as well as China have their Neocons as well. As I have said, Putin’s critics from his Neocons say he should have invaded Ukraine like the USA did to Iraq, and this war would have been over in 6 weeks, and they would never have been able to build an army and the West fund what will be at least $1 trillion for this war. These Neocons have been waging war after war since WWII and never won a single one.

Ukraine 1.1 Million Dead

The real number of deaths from UKRAINIAN sources is 1.1 million, I am told, and AGAIN, this comes from Ukraine – not Russia! In fact, a local TV news operation reported the real number, and Zelensky again made them take it down as he did with the head of the EU. They suddenly reported it was a typo. The Neocons are completely destroying Ukraine, and they have ZERO regard for Ukrainian lives as they will with Americans or Europeans.



Let’s face reality. This war has been orchestrated by the American Neocons led by Victoria Nuland, who instigated the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution and installed an interim government that was UNELECTED by the Ukrainian people, of which between 8 to 10 million have fled their own country because the United States and NATO are under the control of the Neocons who want war with Russia.

Ukraine Attacks Donbas 4 23 2014

It was the American Neocons who instructed the UNELECTED Kiev government to attack the Russians in the Donbas and call them terrorists because they, too, wanted to separate from the Ukrainians who hate Russians and were killing them on the streets of Odesa.

Odessa Massacre May 2014

May 2 2014 Odessa Trade Unions House

The Ukrainians should be immediately cut off from all aid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  It was the Ukrainians who began killing Russians on the streets of Odessa and committed genocide, burning Russian civilians alive in 2014. That is what began the separatist movement in the Donbas.

Ukraine_Crucifies_Man_Burns_Christian_Icons 2022_05_22_15_01_49_Ukraine_Crucifies_Russian Soldier

I have documented evidence captured from Ukrainians who have crucified Russians and burned them alive. I have heard from numerous volunteer soldiers who have left Ukraine in horror for the war crimes they are carrying out, blessed by the West, knowing they will NEVER be prosecuted. Finally, even the New York Times has at last reported how they just murdered Russian soldiers who surrendered. There are even reports of killing Russian children and selling their body parts on the black market. Ukrainian in the USA is often part of the huge trade in weapons.

It is time to wake up to the Truth




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