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Where Are We in the Roman Timeline?

By admin / May 15, 2019

QUESTION: Martin, Compared to Roman timeline, what year would you say we are in 2019? M ANSWER: It is hard to say. My concern is what comes after Trump. We seem to be between the peak, which was during 180 AD and the dawn of Maximinus I (235-238 AD) who declared that all wealth simply […]


Oklahoma – The State You Must ALWAYS Avoid Driving Through

By admin / February 8, 2019

As there is a drive to eliminate cash, police are engaging in illegal search and seizures of debit cards. More and more businesses are refusing to accept cash, which was noted even at a ball game at Tropicana Field in Florida. They announced that during in 2019, they will no longer accept cash to pay […]


Christian Persecution Celebrated on Roman Coins

By admin / July 1, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; The Romans seem to have issued coins to celebrate everything. Did they ever issue coins celebrating the Christian persecutions? ZR ANSWER: Oh yes. The coin above celebrates precisely that — the Christian persecutions. There was a major active campaign of persecuting the Christians during the 3rd century as the barbarians were storming the […]