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How Will Europe Respond to Being the Source of the Crisis?

By admin / January 7, 2020

QUESTION: Dear Martin, You have discussed the structural design flaw in the euro being due to the lack of consolidation of EU countries’ debt, as well as, EU policies that prohibit bank bailouts. Why could EU policies regarding the prohibition of bank bailouts just not be changed to allow for bailouts? If I understand correctly, […]


The Risks Are in the Eurozone Banks But Beware of Global Contagion

By admin / October 7, 2019

QUESTION: Sir, Given the liquidity crisis and the problem to arrive from Europe, I have a question for us Europeans: when you are talking about Europe and failures to come, you mean: 1. euro zone countries ONLY? 2. EU countries which still hold their currency (eg. Romania)? 3. what about the UK? Thank you. SM […]