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British Politics in Disarray?

June 30, 2016

The “remain” crowd thinks this is all over in Britain because Boris Johnson will not seek the PM position in the Tories, and this appears to be setting up for Theresa May to take the PM position. One reader wrote a rather nasty comment: “Your supposed ‘revolt’ will never materialize, as the English themselves are quietly […]

Standard & Poor’s Reaction Shows Political Bias

June 28, 2016

Rating Agencies Testify Before Congress for their AAA-Ratings after 2007 Standard & Poors downgraded United Kingdom (UK), which is comprised of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, from AAA to AA. This shows emotional and political bias rather than any substantial change in economics; they are making good on their political threats of 2015. S&P […]

Soros Lost Big on the Pound This Time

June 28, 2016

COMMENT: Soros has been long gold and sold all his stocks. He made a fortune. REPLY: No professional trader tells people what he will do in advance. Those announcements were made AFTER Soros took a position. I believe they were stories to create his exit. You get people rushing in who think they are joining […]

Have Scottish Politicians Lost Their Minds?

June 28, 2016

  While Scottish politicians are very vocal about staying in the EU, they have really lost their minds. Their hatred for the Brits has clouded their intelligence to the point one must wonder if they even have a brain that can be turned on or if they are totally brain-dead. The greatest problem with the whole membership in […]

UK Political Resignations So Far

June 27, 2016

Resigning so far today are: Lord Falconer, shadow justice secretary Chris Bryant, Shadow leader of the House of Commons Heidi Alexander, shadow health secretary Lucy Powell, shadow education secretary Vernon Coaker, shadow Northern Ireland secretary Ian Murray, shadow Scottish secretary – and Labour’s only MP in Scotland Kerry McCarthy, shadow environment secretary Seema Malhotra, shadow […]

British Politics Melting Down

June 26, 2016

Seven members of the Labour shadow cabinet have resigned and one has been sacked. Resignations so far include the shadow health secretary, Scottish secretary, transport secretary, and education secretary. Jeremy Corbyn is so far out of touch that he and Hollande simply remain in a total state of denial. Meanwhile, Scotland is showing its total ignorance of […]

Pensions Continue to Spiral Downward

June 14, 2016

There are 11 million workers in Britain who assumed they had great pensions. The British Steel Pension Scheme is proposing to break its pension promises to its 130,000 members because they are losing money. Tata Steel is looking to sell its holding in its UK plants over the next few months, and that means that the £15bn pension scheme, […]

British Royal Mint Selling & Sorting Gold for Pensions

June 12, 2016

The British Royal Mint is looking to sell more of its gold reserves in the form of gold bars for pension funds for the first time. They are charging 1% to store it and then they want VAT tax on top of it all. They are selling 100 g or 1 kg bars. The problem, of […]

Censorship? Manipulating the News?

June 11, 2016

COMMENT: Dear Mr. Armstrong, Is there a bug in my computer or has the latest the Nigel Farage video been removed from your blog? I also can’t find the recent more private video on migrant problems in Germany, which was rather shocking for us as the German press is not allowed to automatically report on […]

British Real Estate

March 23, 2016

QUESTION: Dear Mr Armstrong An anecdote and a question If I may….. My parents were selling their average 3 bed terrace house in Tooting Bec, SW London for £800,000 in Summer 2015. My mother got ill and poor weather meant roof repairs were needed so they took it off the market. In February they relisted […]

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