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FBI Under Comey Acted Illegally

By admin / January 3, 2020

  Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz’s December 9th, 2019 report clearly lays out that their informant Mr. Stefan Halper actually recorded conversations that were exculpatory and would have denied any authority to wiretap Trump’s campaign. Mr. Halper was a long-standing Washington national security expert and a Cambridge University professor. He managed to finagle himself to […]


Comey was Protecting Obama as Well

By admin / July 6, 2018

  Hillary used a private email because that would not be “discoverable” without a subpoena of her personally. Her fundraising for the Clinton Foundation was all protected by her private emails and it allowed her to solicit money from foreign governments. As soon as she lost, the funding stopped. The revelations from the Inspector General […]


Democrats Want to Shut Down Government Until They Get Special Prosecutor

By admin / May 18, 2017

QUESTION: The Democrats are trying to now demand a special prosecutor to replace Comey and will not accept anything else and are threatening they will stop the government until they get what they want. There is talk that this could lead to evidence of impeachment. Is that possible? ANSWER: Nixon was impeached because at the […]


The ECM Turning Point

By admin / November 1, 2016

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I thought the Bundy thing was a stretch. The Comey incident blew me away. Putin invaded the very day of the ECM last year. There are way too may events right to the day and you can calculate this out and see why you even had the day of the 1987 Crash. […]


Lynch is Clearly Compromised by Comey

By admin / July 15, 2016

What is beginning to surface is that there has been a rift between Comey and the Obama Administration. Lynch is refusing to answer any question into Hillary’s emails before the House Judicial Committee. She claims it would be “inappropriate” for her to answer and tells them to talk to Comey. She said, “As attorney general, […]


Comey v Lynch

By admin / July 14, 2016

QUESTION: Do you think that Comey is protecting the Democrats by refusing to indict Hillary when he was originally appointed by a Republican? Why the switch? ANSWER: Let me explain something here. I believe Comey was not about to recommend an indictment on Hillary. But Comey’s role is the head of the FBI, not a […]


Comey Has Proven there is No Rule of Law So End is Near

By admin / July 12, 2016

Most of the people I have spoken to in the legal community are shocked that Comey did not indict Hillary. Comey clearly manipulated statutes by pretending that intent was required and claiming he could not prove intent, even though that is regularly enough to hand any jury to demand a conviction. The rest of us […]