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Central Banks Buying Equities

By admin / June 20, 2019

QUESTION: Central banks around the world are currently purchasing equities. If they continue to purchase equities, will we ever have a significant market downturn again? What happens when central banks acquire enough shares to control corporations? PE ANSWER: Yes. The central banks have been buying equities to try to diversify their balance sheets as they […]


Corporate Buy Backs

By admin / May 29, 2019

Many people are confused as to why corporations have been buying back their shares in mass. The latest figures for 2018 are in and they demonstrate that the S&P 500 listed companies spent more on dividends and buybacks in 2018 than they actually made in total reported earnings ($1.26 trillion vs $1.1 trillion). What is […]


Is the Democratic Socialist Party Going After Corporations?

By admin / February 5, 2019

  Corporate America will suddenly discover that the Democrats are moving substantially to the left and will do whatever they can to further that goal. The Democrats are becoming the new party of anti-corporation/business. They embrace the misguided ideas of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who has been joined by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. This new agenda is […]