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Will Obama Pay Tax on $1.2 Million in Gifts from Saudi Arabia?

December 12, 2015

If you receive valuable jewelry as a gift, you cannot return to the USA without reporting it and paying the tax. The Saudi king gave Michelle Obama and her daughters $1.2 million in jewels. So why are the Obamas allowed to keep … →

The Hunt for Loose Change

December 9, 2015

I returned from Berlin dressed casually in jeans for the overnight flight. I was so busy with meetings I hadn’t the time to even buy a t-shirt. When I collected my luggage, I was pulled by customs. They didn’t care … →

Cuba Embargo Falls 51.6 Years on Schedule

December 9, 2015

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, Both Rubio and Cruz are anti-Cuba even though they are Cuban heritage. What is your opinion on Cuba? ANSWER: President Raul Castro has become a pro-business advocate. He is now allowing Cuban residents to buy and sell their … →

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