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Zuckerberg Could Not Buy TikTok So He Wants to Ban It

March 29, 2023

China banned Facebook in 2009, instantaneously eliminating 700 million users from the platform. Mark Zuckerberg was unwilling to give up a piece of his social media empire without a fight. Zuckerberg actually learned to speak Mandarin and toured mainland China, delivering speeches in their native tongue and attempting to align himself with the Chinese. There […]

Censoring Social Media to Prevent Bank Runs

March 15, 2023

They censored social media to prevent the public from learning the truth about COVID, vaccines, and accompanying mandates. They censored social media to prevent the public from learning about Hunter Biden’s laptop before his dad could be installed at the POTUS. They censored anyone who questioned the election or Biden’s crime family and deliberately leaked […]

Mainstream Media is Dying — Facebook Recognizes Trend

July 6, 2016

Mainstream media is dying. Their biased coverage of the election will go down in history. Facebook’s latest announcement demonstrates how the younger generation (1) is not into party politics, and (2) does not trust mainstream media. Facebook will modify its News Feed algorithm to favor content posted by a user’s friends and family over content […]