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The Fed is Between a Rock & a Hard Place

June 13, 2019

QUESTION: Dear Mr Armstrong, Not sure if I am understanding it correctly. Is the FED currently between a rock and a hard place? The FED is not able to cut rates (implement QE) due to the current pending/ongoing crisis of the US pensions, and they cannot raise interest rates as it’s going to cause more […]

Trump v Federal Reserve – Why?

June 7, 2019

QUESTION: Good afternoon Martin, Do you gander that President Trump is aware that a higher dollar will cream the economy and is doing all he can to fight that trend? Maybe he is reading AE but like other politicians still thinks he can manipulate the economy? Trump is battling the Fed over interest rates. What […]

Basel III – IMF – Liquidity Crisis

April 4, 2019

QUESTION: As of today, Basel III comes in effect. Rumour goes that in a couple of months, there will be a lot of turmoil on the market and it would be the start of the implementation of an SDR like thing where people would lose 20-30% of their value and get stuck with this new […]

Is Perpetual Prosperity a Fictional Dream?

March 15, 2019

QUESTION: Hi Mr. Armstrong…Thanks for trying to settle our confusion re: Griffin’s “Creature” You make a distinction between Gov’t mandated debt & Fed helicopter money. But isn’t debt still just debt? Also, you seem to be saying the Federal Reserve is a necessary evil (maybe not even evil), & that central banks & fractional reserve banking […]

The Federal Reserve’s Structural Changes

September 10, 2016

  QUESTION: Why are there so many Fed branches? It seems this is another way for government just to create jobs and pensions. ANSWER:I wrote several times that the original design of the Federal Reserve would have been a good, stabilizing entity for the economy had the politicians left it alone. At first, to ease […]

The Fed Being Brow-Beaten into Negative Rates?

February 4, 2016

The Federal Reserve is in a real crisis. Interest rates are falling negative around the world which by no means has succeeded in stimulating anything. Governments are dead broke and they keep raising taxes yet hope the central bank can compensate … →

Euro Crisis & the Dollar

February 3, 2016

  We are finishing up the world currency reports. The reports are not ready at this time, but we will make an announcement once they are available. As we stated at the conferences, nothing appears ready to break before May. … →

Elastic Money

January 26, 2016

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I have not read anywhere else how the money created by the Fed you call elastic will evaporate when the bonds they bought mature. You seem to do much more in-depth research than anyone else who just … →

Let The Bail-Ins Begin

January 16, 2016

Portugal is starting to bail-in banks. The fascinating aspect that nobody seems to see is that this is a total failure of socialism. The U.S. Federal Reserve was formed in 1913, with the shareholders being the banks, to provide the … →

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