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Were Banker Ever Prosecuted During the Great Depression?

By admin / July 12, 2019

QUESTION: I was told that none of the big bankers during the Great Depression went to jail either. Doesn’t the government understand that this is the very image of draining the swamp? DK ANSWER: The bankers own the reign of government from the courts to the White House. In the years that followed the 2008 […]


Larry Summers – Who Admits He Cannot Forecast – Forecasts Trump

By admin / January 8, 2017 QUESTION: Marty; Did you see Larry Summer’s comments on Trump. Is this guy completely insane? He says Trump is proposing things off the planet. Wasn’t it Summers who came up with the negative interest rates and supported repealing Glass Steagal? ANSWER: Larry Summers is a classic example of how a PHD means absolutely nothing compared to real […]


The Republican Platform: Restore Glass Steagall

By admin / July 24, 2016

QUESTION: Marty, the Republican platform supports the return of Glass-Steagall. Is Trump for that? Thanks for all you do PL ANSWER: Yes. If there was anyone who would actually do that, it would be Trump. However, keep in mind the act would still have to get through Congress and the bankers would buy every vote […]