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When will Niagara Falls Completely Freeze?

January 24, 2019

It has been a bitterly cold season. Niagara Falls became a winter wonderland as frigid temperatures cause the falls partially to turn to ice. This is not so rare as people claim. In this 1911 photo of the Great Freeze, you can still see water flowing, but minimal and nowhere near the normal volume flow (hundreds […]

Winnipeg Grain Exchange Closing Right in Time for the Cycle

June 7, 2018

  Canada’s last commodity exchange is closing. The Winnipeg Grain Exchange, which was established in 1887, will shut down for good after its owner transfers the bourse’s only remaining futures contract to New York. It is ironic that when a decision like this is made, it is often a sign of a major change in […]

Climate Change – Earthquakes Caused by Complex Cycles (Part I)

December 5, 2017

Several people have asked why I could not confirm or deny that the cause of earthquakes is the slowing down of the Earth’s rotation. As previously reported, this new theory was published in Geophysical Research Letters earlier this year by Roger Bilham of the University of Colorado and Rebecca Bendick of the University of Montana. The theory […]

Global Cooling is Killing Penguins – Not Global Warming

October 19, 2017

Contrary to Global Warming, the reality of what is going on is serious and these fake scientists have distorted the cyclical nature of our world for personal gain that they are leading us down a path of serious destruction. The ice has expanded so much that there is a major catastrophe in the penguin community. All but […]

Politicians Start to Run Away from Global Warming

September 27, 2017

Politicians have been confronted with the real cost of their support for global warming. France has suddenly come out in support of diesel because of the jobs that could be lost. The diesel crisis may have started in Germany, but there are more diesel car owners in Europe as a whole. Suddenly, when confronted with […]

Ice Core Samples Prove CO2 Levels Lag Behind Temperature Increases

September 26, 2017

QUESTION: Are you saying there is no direct correlation between CO2 and a rise in temperature? ANSWER: Correct. We have data going back 800,000 years that was gathered from drilling core samples from deep underneath the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica. Detailed information on air temperature and CO2 levels disproves that a rise in […]

Merkel to Confront Trump at G20 On Climate

July 3, 2017

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel is determined to create problems at the upcoming G20 meeting in Hamburg July 7-8. She is a brainwashed climate supporter who has refused to listen to over 31,000 scientists who have joined together against this Global Warming fraud. The Paris climate meeting refused to allow anyone to speak in opposition. They have […]

Weather Changing

January 24, 2017

COMMENT: Hi Marty…youre a legend! its very evident there are deeper tones underlying our weather changes. If anyone traveled extensively over the last few years across the globe, you can notice how, the northern hemisphere is undergoing harsher winters, the asian tropics are experiencing more rain and erratic thunderstorms sometimes multiple times in the same […]

NASA Finally Admits It’s Going to Get Colder

January 20, 2017

NASA has actually admitted that there may be a link between the solar climate and the earth climate. “[In] recent years, researchers have considered the possibility that the sun plays a role in global warming. After all, the sun is the main source of heat for our planet,” Nasa confirmed. Despite the constant stories of how […]

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