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The End of Global Warming — the New Ice Age — Bundle Up!

July 6, 2016

I have received emails from people who claim global warming exists and I am in denial. To start, all of the studies that claim there is global warming end with the 19th century. The sun has a documented 300-year cycle between maximum and minimum energy output. It is a thermodynamic system, meaning the energy must fluctuate or […]

UN & World Bank Want to Tax Water

May 10, 2016

Well, all the fools who believe in climate change/global warming will be ecstatic to know that they can help the planet through the new proposal from the United Nations and World Bank. These wonderful entities are now forecasting a shortage of water in places like the Middle East by 2050. The solution will be simple: they […]

Yes, We Were Hit Hard With Global Warming

January 29, 2016

Yes, we were hit hard with global warming. It’s just like I remember from when I was a kid and my father pushed me out the window to dig us out so that we could open the front door.

Global Warming Scandal Heating Up

December 24, 2015

Some people are confusing NASA with NOAA. They are two different agencies. NASA is confirming that NOAA’s manipulation of data is a fraud. Now, Judicial Watch announced that it filed a lawsuit on December 2, 2015, in the Federal Court of … →

The Agenda Behind Global Warming

December 17, 2015

There are those who claim that the UN is behind the global warming scam to create a one-world government. If we turn it down a notch and follow the money, we find a bogus agenda to raise taxes substantially in … →

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