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We All Have Little Bubbles

By admin / September 23, 2019

COMMENT: Marty, I love you Man! I was sitting in my office back in April of 2005, reading the WSJ. There was a story where Greenspan declared he would begin raising rates. I was, “thinking out loud” when I said, “Oh Shit!?!?”. The fellow I shared the office with asked, “What’s wrong?”. I proceeded to […]


Life & How it Evolves

By admin / August 27, 2019

QUESTION: Martin; What was the tipping point in your investing infancy that flung you to believe you could invest for others? If so can you tell us the trade? And did you mortgage your house for it? For it appears that the best in the business made it on their own first. Apprehensive at this […]


The Money-Class is Always the First to Respond

By admin / August 8, 2019

QUESTION:  Dear Mr. Armstrong, reading your blog daily I am wondering how much and what exactly has to change in the peoples’ minds apart from the global changes that will manifest through all that is in alignment according to cycles that you have presented to the world. You are one of the few people, but […]