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Larry Summers – Who Admits He Cannot Forecast – Forecasts Trump

By admin / January 8, 2017 QUESTION: Marty; Did you see Larry Summer’s comments on Trump. Is this guy completely insane? He says Trump is proposing things off the planet. Wasn’t it Summers who came up with the negative interest rates and supported repealing Glass Steagal? ANSWER: Larry Summers is a classic example of how a PHD means absolutely nothing compared to real […]


The Stupidity of Those In Power Has No Boundaries Whereas Genius Has Its Limits

By admin / February 19, 2016

The insanity of NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES, instigated by Larry Summers, is based upon the stupid idea that lowering interest rates will stimulate borrowing and thus spending. The idea is that penalizing people by moving negative will FORCE them to spend their money and revitalize the economy. But what happens if they invest the money in […]


Larry Summers Calls to End $100 Billis — Here Comes the Totalitarian State

By admin / February 17, 2016

  Larry Summers, the father of NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES, is so against a free society and looks upon us as dumb cattle to be herded and corralled for his pleasure. His ideas are just beyond belief. Now Mr. Pro-Government-Anti-Democracy is advocating killing the $100 bill. He is moving to electronic money so that government can get all […]