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Capitalism v Hybrid Capitalism

By admin / September 27, 2019

COMMENT: Every ISM has failed. Maybe we are seeing the twilight of Capitalism. China is a hybrid. Maybe that is why it will be the next world power. CM REPLY: People confuse capitalism with corruption. Capitalism is your freedom to choose. Corruption is when republics are available for sale to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, the […]


Pharmaceutical Corruption

By admin / January 18, 2017

Here is the latest example of corrupt politicians voting in favor of their own self-interests. Bernie Sanders may be a bit fanatical, yet he has been trying to push a bill through to allow Canada and other countries to import prescription drugs to the U.S., which would significantly decrease the price that consumers have to […]


Foreign Governments Cutting off Funding for Hillary

By admin / November 23, 2016

Hillary supporters claimed that the Clinton Foundation was an innocent, “charitable” organization. On his proposed first day to “Drain the Swamp,” Trump will impose a LIFETIME BAN ON LOBBYING FOR FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS. Numerous foreign governments handed money to the Clintons purely for “influence.” The corruption with Norway’s link to the Clinton Foundation extended to Obama. This […]