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Market Talk – December 30, 2019

By admin / December 30, 2019

ASIA: China and the US agreed on a partial trade deal before Christmas. This deal is expected to be signed this week. Tesla delivered their first cars from their new Chinese “Gigafactory.” The factory took a little year over to be built but now they have the ability to make Teslas in China. The Hong […]


Market Talk – December 20, 2019

By admin / December 20, 2019

We’d like to wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Market Talk will resume after a brief holiday break on December 30, 2019. ASIA: The Peoples Bank of China decided to keep its 1-year and 5-year loan prime rates unchanged at 4.15% and 4.8% respectively. Meanwhile, China has accused the EU […]


Market Talk – December 19, 2019

By admin / December 19, 2019

ASIA: A report from China suggests that capital flows are fleeing from the region at a record pace. The State Administration of Foreign Exchange commented that the situation is critical in order to maintain market stability. The Chinese ambassador to Australia has said that Australia must abandon criticism of China. The ambassador wishes to improve bilateral relations […]


Market Talk – December 18, 2019

By admin / December 18, 2019

ASIA: A special envoy from the US is visiting China at the end of the week to discuss the possibility of curbing Russia’s and China’s attempts to lift some UN sanctions on North Korea. The US claims that North Korea is not backing down with creating nuclear options. The Indian government is planning to trim […]


Market Talk – December 17, 2019

By admin / December 17, 2019

ASIA: China and Russia have proposed reducing sanctions on North Korea so that they can ease back into global trade and help denuclearization talks. However, the US disagreed saying that any reduction in sanctions would be premature as they believe North Korea is escalating tensions in the region. Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das […]


Market Talk – December 16, 2019

By admin / December 16, 2019

ASIA: Senior advisers to Washington have hailed the recent “phase one” deal between the US and China as “remarkable” for the US. The deal is expected to double American exports to China by 2021. The agreement touched upon IP rights, currency issues, financial services as well as an agreement from China to purchase more agricultural […]


Market Talk – December 13, 2019

By admin / December 13, 2019

ASIA: US and China have passed “phase one” of the trade deal, which has halted the upcoming Sunday tariffs that would have applied tariffs on 160 Billion USD worth of goods. China, meanwhile, has agreed to up their spending on US agricultural products to 50 billion USD in the new year. Trump tweeted that they […]


Market Talk – December 12, 2019

By admin / December 12, 2019

ASIA: According to reports from Reuters, China is trying to propose a plan to promote Macau to be its next “Hong Kong” by building it into a world-leading financial center. China unveiled plans of creating a yuan-denominated stock exchange, as well as allocating extra land to Macau for it to grow. The region was a […]


Market Talk – December 11, 2019

By admin / December 11, 2019

ASIA: According to CNBC, Chinese negotiators would like all the upcoming US tariffs removed before the December 15th deadline if they are going to proceed with negotiations. It is expected that the 156 billion USD worth of tariffs will significantly escalate tensions between the two nations if applied. The Indian Parliament approved the Citizenship Amendment Bill […]


Market Talk – December 10, 2019

By admin / December 10, 2019

ASIA: The latest from the street is that US and China are planning to delay the expected rate hikes that are planned for the 15th of December. The initial report came from the WSJ, who quoted that trade negotiators close to the case are reporting a possible delay. However, there has been no official release from […]

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