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Market Talk — February 16, 2016

By admin / February 16, 2016

Despite weaker than expected Chinese Trade Balance stocks actually performed well on the back of PBOC rhetoric concerning the currency, taking it to its strongest level against the USD in almost a year (6.4935). It has however, weakened since China close and the off-shore was last seen in NY at 6.5200. Shanghai closed +3.3%, Hang […]


Market Talk February 15, 2016

By admin / February 15, 2016

Today’s rally in the Nikkei must have been a huge breath of fresh air for the BOJ (Bank of Japan). After opening 2% firmer the market went from strength to strength with good volume it eventually closed +7.1% on the day. Banks regained some of their losses from last week with SMFG, Mitsui, Mitsubishi UFJ […]


Market Talk – February 12th, 2016

By admin / February 13, 2016

The Nikkei re-opened after yesterday’s public holiday but again was sold from the open. The key banks suffered yet more liquidations eventually closing Mitsubishi UFJ -2.3%, SMFG -4.1%, Mizuho -3.7% and the main Nobel House (Nomura) was down 9.2%. Exporters also suffered Toyota, Nissan and Sharp all down between 6 and 10%. The Nikkei closed […]


Market Talk — February 3, 2016

By admin / February 3, 2016

Japan took a turn for the worst today led predominantly by Exporters (Toyota, Nissan, Honda) all down around 5.5% but even they were led by the Nobel House (Nomura). Nomura reported a 49% drop in Q3 profits and then saw … →


Market Talk – February 2, 2016

By admin / February 2, 2016

Once again, oil influenced markets around the world. Having dropped 6% yesterday, we were confronted with another 5.5% drop in prices today, closing below the psychological $30 level. Shanghai was the exception in Asia (closing up 2.3%) but this was … →


Market Talk — January 25, 2016

By admin / January 25, 2016

Asia’s response to the late U.S. rally in stocks was to play catch-up this morning with all core indices closing up around 1% (roughly where they opened). The ASX followed the surge in oil prices with a gain of almost … →


Market Talk — January 7, 2016

By admin / January 7, 2016

For the second time this week, China’s stock exchange saw a closing due to limit down (7% move). It happened early in the day (actually, only half an hour into the trading day) which spread an uneasy tension to the … →


Market Talk — January 4, 2016

By admin / January 4, 2016

What a start to the New Year! Talk around the street voiced a few reasons for today’s stock market declines from geopolitical tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran to additional dealing costs associated to playing the markets. Discussions are apparently … →


Market Talk – December 14, 2015

By admin / December 14, 2015

A mixed session in Asia in what was very much an overhang from Friday’s session but also very weary of the Fed in two days time. It is interesting that European equities continue to trade heavy (DAX, CAC, FTSE -1.75%) … →


Market Talk – November 25, 2015

By admin / November 25, 2015

If not for the Autumn Statement by the Chancellor George Osborne in the British Parliament today, I think dealers would have called an early night ahead of the long weekend in the U.S. Asian equities were really nothing to write home about, closing mixed … →

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