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Money Rushing in Emerging Markets & Europe – Really?

By admin / May 15, 2017

QUESTION: Martin; it seems the Emerging Markets are back in favor just as interest rates are on the rise and their dollar borrowings have exploded. Is this the final bubble that is unfolding? When the WSJ writes about a trend it is usually the end. They are noting that significant flows of funds are now […]


Emerging Market Debt Expanding Twice the Rate of 2016

By admin / May 9, 2017

The view that BREXIT is a creating uncertainty in Europe with the swell of populism, the demand for dollar denominated debt has been strong over the past year. This has led to more debt being racked up at a faster pace than ever in US dollars among emerging markets, which stood at about 50% of […]


Benchmarks to False Moves – The Constant Cycle of Change

By admin / March 31, 2017

  QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You said China will become the financial capital of the world after 2032. That means the US must decline. At the same time, you have been consistent in forecasting a bull market in the U.S. share market when everyone else keeps calling for a crash. Are the two connected in some […]