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The Repo Crisis

By admin / November 19, 2019

QUESTION: Marty; The goldbugs are back and claiming the Repo Crisis is MMT and this is again just printing money endlessly to cover up a major banking crisis in the USA so buy gold of course. You said at the WEC cocktail party this would happen because these people never understand the world economy. Is […]


Trump’s Federal Reserve nominee Judy Shelton & Gold

By admin / July 8, 2019

QUESTION: Hello Where do you guys see as the next World economic conference in 2020?. Will there be another one in Asia? or Europe? Also, I wanted to try to give this question to Marty, although I never had the luck to get his response… more than once. “Trump just announced to nominate Judy Shelton […]


Fear of Inflation & Sterilization

By admin / April 9, 2019

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; you were friends with Milton Friedman. Do you agree with his view that the Great Depression was caused in part by the Fed refusing to expand the money supply? Isn’t Quantitative Easing expanding the money supply yet it too has failed to create inflation. Would you comment on this paradox? Thank you […]


The Fallacy of MMT

By admin / March 12, 2019

QUESTION: These economists who propose this MMT claim that since the U.S. borrows in its own currency, it can print dollars to cover its obligations, and can’t go broke. The theory has won converts among freshman Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a way to finance such social policies as the Green New Deal and Medicare […]


Modern Monetary Theory v Central Bankers

By admin / March 7, 2019

QUESTION: Hi Mr. Armstrong et al: Read your blogs daily with great interest & recommend them to all my friends. You’ve absolutely changed my perspective on so many issues. There is a contradictory theme that I & my friends can’t figure out – hope you could respond. You have an obvious animus with Mr. E Griffin […]