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Should Hillary Have Been President?

By admin / January 20, 2020

COMMENT: You just support Trump. Hillary won the popular vote and should be in the white house. HB REPLY: You seem to think that the popular vote should pick the president. I am certain if it had been the other way you be against the popular vote. The system was designed to prevent the tyranny […]


Who Really is the Deep State?

By admin / July 11, 2018

QUESTION:  What is your understanding of the term “Deep State”? Do you think there’s a deep state as it is referred to in the media today? I have come to understand a deep state as meaning the permanent global institutions that are on their directed agenda irrespective of its citizens or their political leaders agendas. […]


Comey was Protecting Obama as Well

By admin / July 6, 2018

  Hillary used a private email because that would not be “discoverable” without a subpoena of her personally. Her fundraising for the Clinton Foundation was all protected by her private emails and it allowed her to solicit money from foreign governments. As soon as she lost, the funding stopped. The revelations from the Inspector General […]


Netflix Signs Barack and Michelle Obama

By admin / June 16, 2018

  I mentioned before that Netflix had originally wanted to air The Forecaster movie, and then all of a sudden they refused because of politics. Well, now Barack Obama and his wife Michelle just signed a contract with Netflix. Netflix has signed a contract with the Obamas for the production of films, documentaries, and a series. Obviously, […]


Syria – Pipeline – How The Press Will Not Tell the Truth about Syria

By admin / April 8, 2017

With all the attacks upon Trump as having some covert connection with Putin to defeat Hillary when nothing hacked from the DNC was ever said to have been faked or altered, just released, one must wonder has this suddenly influenced Trump to attack Syria to prove he is not in league with Putin? If the […]


Protests from USA to Russia

By admin / March 28, 2017

Civil Unrest is rising around the world. In the USA, demonstrations have been organized to support Donald Trump in a counter-demonstration move against the Obama/Soros uprising. In Los Angeles, Trump supporters were confronted by opponents of Trump and the two groups ended in violence. The Obama/Soros supporters were partially traditionally masked. The Trump supporters were trying […]


Does it Matter If You Are Born Outside USA to be President?

By admin / March 25, 2017

QUESTION: You said McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone and that raised the same question as Obama. In your legal view, was Obama qualified to be president or not? ANSWER: The Constitution does NOT say that someone must be born on US soil. It merely requires naturally born to be an American. “No […]


John McCain Recorded Propaganda Message Made for the Enemy

By admin / March 23, 2017

John McCain was born in Panama, not the United States. There was the same question with Obama – was McCain really qualified to run for President if he was not born in the United States. He confirms his birthplace on this propaganda message he made for his captures. They criticized Trump for saying he does […]


Inmate Gunned Down in Prison Halfway House After Obama Commuted his Sentence

By admin / January 27, 2017

DAMARLON CENAKA THOMAS (Inmate Number: 42325-039), age: 31, black male, was gunned down in a federal halfway house on January 23, 2017. Thomas was a man whose drug-related prison sentence was commuted in November by President Barack Obama. Thomas has been fatally shot at a federal halfway house in Michigan after two men with assault-style rifles […]


The “Trump Revolution” is not about Trump Himself

By admin / January 19, 2017

COMMENT: Hi Mr. Armstrong, Your recent article regarding Trump is a major shift in your view regarding his coming administration,  at least to me any new thing that you pinpoint is like an  alert and makes me to think further.  When you point out something it is better to be cautious.  It is now  possible that […]

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