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The Myth of the Plunge Protection Team

By admin / January 3, 2019

COMMENT: It looks like the Plunge Protection Team had a field day with the 1,000 rally in the Dow. Back in the 70s I read a small article near the back page of the WSJ that said that the CIA was using two small obscure banks in the Midwest to trade futures. The way they do it is […]


The Bubble of 1825 was Also a Contagion

By admin / April 17, 2018

The Most Profitable Canal of the 19th Century Today is a Tourist Cruise Besides the speculative bubble that resulted in the Panic of 1825 involving the imaginary country of Poyais, when such a bubble unfolds, there is often a contagion. The events that led to the Panic of 1825 also resulted in the Canal Bubble, […]


Some Bubbles are Just Outright Frauds

By admin / April 16, 2018

QUESTION: BitCoin has crashed and it looks like it will never be what people dreamed as some replacement for the dollar. Are bubbles always involving some failed product? A dream that is just unrealistic like the Tulip bubble? JE ANSWER: No. There have been many, many, many “bubbles” throughout history. Some have been just crazy like […]