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Cycles & Turning Points

By admin / May 9, 2019

QUESTION: Hello Mr. Armstrong; Rome was fantastic!. I find it very interesting that you hold the conference on the dates when the markets hit their peak and I come back and Monday we start the decline that you cautioned us that we could see at the conference. Was this planned:)? Cycles are amazing and now […]


Debt & the Point of No Return

By admin / April 2, 2019

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; First I want to thank you for coming to Europe this year. It has been some time since your Berlin Conference. My question is simple. How can the ECB tell countries to reduce their debt when as you say nobody ever pays off the debt? Is this just fantasy or do they really […]


The Financial Panic of 2019?

By admin / March 28, 2019

The distortion in the yield curve is building with tremendous force. There are vast bids for US 90-day T-Bills from around the world and no offers. The shortage in US government paper is now being reported to us from repo desks around the world. There is a MAJOR PANIC in to the dollar as emerging markets […]


Draghi – The Opportunity & the Nightmare

By admin / March 14, 2019

  I cannot stress enough that Mario Draghi has really destroyed the European economy on an unprecedented scale. I know people who worked on trading desks years ago when Mario Draghi before he was head of the ECB, was there to observe how things operated. His policy of perpetual low to negative interest rates is […]


Our Traditions are Often those of the Roman Empire

By admin / January 29, 2019

QUESTION: Just curious. Did the Romans ever celebrate their founding of Rome like we celebrate the fourth of July? ZT ANSWER: Oh yes. We seem to have adopted whatever they did as traditions as well. For example, there are nuns in the Catholic Church who take vows of chastity and are in theory married to […]