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Hong Kong Withdraws Controversial Bill

By admin / September 5, 2019

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said that she will withdraw a controversial extradition bill that has sparked months of mass protests. The Hang Seng index rallied around 4%. The bill has been withdrawn after it really became clear that Hong Kong could lose its financial position in Asia to Singapore had Chinese troops intervened. I […]


I am in Asia with a Front Row Seat

By admin / September 1, 2019

QUESTION: How long will you be here in Asia? PP ANSWER: It is very interesting that we have clients on both sides of all these disputes here in Asia, except in North Korea. The great concern is that if China did send into Hong Kong troops, would they leave? Would this tip the scales of […]


Singapore Economy Turns Down & China Exports Decline

By admin / July 19, 2019

They are calling it an unexpected contraction in Singapore’s economy which is in line with our Economic Confidence Model which bottoms in January 2020. In addition, China’s exports have also declined by 1.3% during June. Gross domestic product in export-reliant Singapore declined by a shocking 3.4% in the second quarter from the previous three months. […]


Thailand the New Safe Haven?

By admin / July 9, 2019

The dollar decline against the Thai Baht is starting to impact both a trading perspective as well as economic. Thailand’s central bank is worried about the decline in the greenback against baht. They fear that the U.S. keeps a watchful eye out for signs of unfair currency policies. Indeed, the bureaucrats are clueless with respect […]


Thailand and the Future

By admin / February 13, 2019

COMMENT: Hi Marty, As with so many others, I am very appreciative of your writing and am seeing your predictions come true as chaos piles up. Most recently, here in Thailand! The sister of the king, Princess Ubolrat (sp?) announced she would contest the upcoming election as prime minister. This is not only unprecedented in […]


Why is Asia Rising Against the West

By admin / August 15, 2018

Some people have written in and asked why we have issued a report that shows how and when China will displace the USA and the West as the Financial Capital of the world. Let me explain some interesting facts. If we look at the top ten cities for tourism, you will find that the half […]


Malaysia Looking to file Lawsuit Against Goldman Sachs?

By admin / June 18, 2018

May was an important turning point in Southeast Asia. The corruption that has engulfed the previous Malaysian government centered around a sovereign wealth fund involving Goldman Sachs has rocked the entire Malaysian peninsula. The national debt, which was believed to have been $170 billion, appears to be more like $250 billion of 80% if the national […]


China & its Monetary History

By admin / August 4, 2016

  QUESTION: Marty, it was interesting for you to mention some chinese history including the mongol empire the other day. i am currently studying the monetary history of china. am reading the book “Fountain of Fortune” and “History of Money” by Glyn Davies. Davies mentions how the Roman monetary system collapsed in about nine years, […]