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How Europe Will Kill Tourism – The Age of Big Brother is Upon Us

By admin / March 13, 2019

The world seems to be moving toward complete control over the freedom of movement. Most likely, we are approaching that critical point where governments are afraid of what is coming on the horizon. There are those in government who are well aware that socialism is collapsing and they indeed fear the rise of civil unrest. […]


Passports & 6 Month Rule

By admin / July 7, 2018

COMMENT: Just to chime in, I discovered the 6 month rule when I tried to fly from Toronto to LA. They would not let me on the plane. REPLY: It appears that if you are Canadian and drive across the border that seems to be OK. But if you fly, then they do all the checks […]


Just Give the Government Your Money & Shut-Up

By admin / July 5, 2017

COMMENT: Dear Marty   I’m doing business w companies in Holland. So I go there with a colleague to visit one of the factories outside Amsterdam.   We rent a car and drive there. Everything is fine and all. No problems with traffic, finding our way or so …   After leaving Amsterdam back home it […]