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Why Europe is Changing its VISA laws & Calling it Pre-Screening

By admin / March 21, 2019

QUESTION: Hi Mr. Armstrong, Can you elaborate on the visa to Europe for Americans? The newspaper here say it’s just an electronic registration like ESTA for Europeans who want to travel to the USA and it’s misrepresented as VISA. Where is the fake new this time? Kind regards, M ANSWER: You must apply to even […]


The New Electronic Pre-Screening is Still a Visa

By admin / March 17, 2019

QUESTION: You mentioned that the ROME WEC may be the last in Europe. If a VISA is required starting in 2021, does that effectively mean the political end for pro-immigration politicians in the EU? Seems to me the VISA requirement is incompatible with the entire notion of free movement across borders. Maybe the EU will be […]


How Europe Will Kill Tourism – The Age of Big Brother is Upon Us

By admin / March 13, 2019

The world seems to be moving toward complete control over the freedom of movement. Most likely, we are approaching that critical point where governments are afraid of what is coming on the horizon. There are those in government who are well aware that socialism is collapsing and they indeed fear the rise of civil unrest. […]