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No Matter What Century, It’s Always Politics

September 3, 2016

If you look at the calendar, the months that have 31 days are January, March, May, July, August, October, and December. The only two months with 31 days back-to-back are July and August. Why? July was named for Julius Caesar. Augustus, meaning “father of the nation,” died on August 19, 14 AD, and was probably […]

French Ban Burkinis

August 21, 2016

The ban of burkinis in Cannes, France, and nearby towns was upheld in the courts. The general view is that girls in mini-skirts are not suicide bombers. The beaches at the French Rivera are now under guard and people are being searched like they are going on public transportation. The ban on burkinis has also […]

Perception of Global Corruption Rising

August 5, 2016

Awareness of government corruption is rising on a global scale. This is all part of the private wave that peaks in 2032.95. We are experiencing the complete craziness of a collapsing government. Hillary Clinton is the classic example. Compared to Richard Nixon, who had to deal with 18.5 minutes of recorded conversations that were allegedly […]

IMF Deliberately Lied & Obstructed an Investigation into their EU Policies

August 1, 2016

The arrogance of those in power is typically beyond belief. Those in the International Monetary Fund have been so biased that their own refusal to review what is going on within Europe has been a great contributor to the demise of the Eurozone. It has now been acknowledged that the IMF’s top staff misled their own board based […]

Lagarde to Stand Trial for Negligence Fraud

July 25, 2016

  If Trump wins, he says he would prosecute Hillary for her crimes. At least in France, the courts are not as corrupt as they are in the United States. The highest court has ruled that the notorious head of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) Christine Lagarde  must stand trial for a financial scandal. Back in 2008, […]

Terrorism Engulfing Europe

July 25, 2016

In Ansbach, Bavaria, there was apparently a bomb attack on Sunday. The Bavarian interior ministry told Reuters, “At present we stand, it is not an accident.” It summarized the evidence that it was a “deliberately provoked explosion.” This bombing followed the horrific attack on two men from Hong Kong on a passenger train in southern […]

Bank Runs in Turkey

July 15, 2016

COMMENT: Hi Marty, I am in line with folks emptying ATMs in Turkey during a military coup attempt. I can keep you updated. CI REPLY: Human Nature is the same all over the world

Military Coup Unfolding in Turkey

July 15, 2016

There is a military coup attempt to seize power from Erdogan, who may be the most unpopular head of state ever to hold office. Low flying jets and gunfire have been taking place in Ankara and bridges across Bosphorus in Istanbul are closed. We are hearing reports from clients there in Turkey.

Pensions Continue to Spiral Downward

June 14, 2016

There are 11 million workers in Britain who assumed they had great pensions. The British Steel Pension Scheme is proposing to break its pension promises to its 130,000 members because they are losing money. Tata Steel is looking to sell its holding in its UK plants over the next few months, and that means that the £15bn pension scheme, […]

Switzerland Votes “No” on Universal Free Income for Life

June 6, 2016

Well, believe it or not, the younger generation is extremely socialistic. Just tell them they will get something for nothing and they are on board. I suppose this is what we get for telling them to pay for schooling and degrees that they cannot find a job with. n Switzerland, they pushed for an actual vote on […]

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