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Central Bank Reserves – The Rise of the Yuan

By admin / January 22, 2018

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I understand that your model shows that China will become the dominant economy post-2032. The IMF added the yuan to their SDR basket. Are central banks starting to use the yuan in reserves in a major way yet? KD ANSWER: Yes. The ECB (European Central Bank) converted a half-billion euros to yuan. […]


Dollar Manipulation by China & Japan?

By admin / January 21, 2018

The two largest foreign holders of the US debt, China and Japan, reduced their holdings of US government bonds in November compared to October. While many are trying to say see, they are dumping US bonds, China reduced its holdings by 1% or $ 12.6 billion to $ 1,176.6 trillion and Japan reduced its positions by $10 billion to […]


China Open Gold Trade in Yuan as Proxy for the Yuan

By admin / November 14, 2017

China keeps moving gradually to open up their economy to international forces. The People’s Republic of China has expanded the trade in gold in yuan and thus the internationalization of the national currency is moving closer. Gold merchants from the industrial metropolis of Shenzhen have been trading their yuan gold at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange […]


Gold – Oil – Dollar

By admin / September 4, 2017

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; At the cocktail party in Hong Kong I am the one who asked you how China should proceed to make the yuan a reserve currency. You said the rule of law must first protect property and surprisingly you said to issue commodity contracts redeemable in gold. Well, everyone knows whatever you seem […]


Central Banks Continue to Sell Dollars to no Avail

By admin / October 7, 2016

The capital flows into the dollar are rather staggering. Central banks continue to try to sell the dollar to keep their currencies afloat. China’s foreign-exchange reserves are most notable in the fight against a rising dollar. China’s foreign-exchange reserves declined again in September, and they try to support the yuan and the Fed clearly cannot stop […]


SDR – China – Dollar

By admin / September 16, 2016

COMMENT: You are wrong. The SDR will destroy the dollar as of October 1st when they include China. You will see. China will sell all its US Treasurys and buy SDRs. REPLY: Your very statement is totally absurd. The SDR is calculated simply by a basket of currencies including the dollar, yen, pound, and euro […]