Christie Endorses Trump – Why the Shock?


All the pundits on TV are expressing they are shocked that Christie has endorsed Trump. I really cannot imagine the surprise. Politics is supposed to be their expertise. Trump needed a VP who was at least establishment to placate the elites. Cruz is a no go and Rubio is showing how nasty and immature he is to hold office. He is a lawyer so he knows how to cross-examine and he is desperate because he is losing his own home State so he lashes out at anything and everything losing his cool.

If Trump wins 8 of the states on Super-Tuesday, it is game-over. Rubio cannot swing the people for Trump in his direction because they are angry at career politicians. There is no insult he can hurl at Trump that will have any impact. Trump leads Rubio 44% to 28% in the Florida, his own State. If Rubio loses Florida, it is goodnight Irene. Trump would have to be insane to pick Rubio or Cruz for a Vice President. It looks like Christie will be his choice. He satisfies the criteria and Christie was the only one saying the country is going broke and Social Security has to be overhauled. He proposed drawing the line in the sand at 50. Let the younger people actually have a retirement plan while the over 50 crowd will just have to be paid out. That is the first honest proposal I have heard from anyone. So a Christie VP would make very good sense.

Christie joining Trump makes total sense when the elites, such as Lindsey Grahm, never considers that the establishment may be wrong, he says the Republican Party has simply gone “bat-shit crazy” to elect Trump. This illustrates how disconnected the career politicians really are from the stirrings within the people who realize something is not right.


The computer has been warning about the 2016 election since 1985. This is Ross Perot 2.0. It is going to be a tight race. But the Republicans should have a slight overall bias. We will run our models with updated data once we get the candidates selected. Keep in mind, Rubio vows to go to the convention because he is hoping Trump is NOT elected on the first ballot and then the Elite will swing to Rubio. The delegates are only bound to vote for Trump on the first ballot. After that, they vote whatever they desire. So this game is still afoot and we cannot yet even rule out a third party. If they rig the convention, you can bet Trump will run independent.

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