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Trudeau Removing Attorney Client Privilege For Taxes

September 29, 2023

Trudeau is Klas Schwab’s pet. He does as he is told. No world leader has sought to destroy the attorney-client privilege, but Trudeau is hunting money for taxes and removing the confidentiality between Canadians and their lawyers. What is next? Priests must report every sin to Trudeau they hear in confession. Trudeau is now passing […]

The Fake Indictment of Hunter Gathered for the Big Guy

September 17, 2023

5th Circuit August 9, 2023, Gun Case On August 9th, 2023, the 5th Circuit declared the statute that charges a person who uses drugs with up to 25 years in prison for having a gun and just using drugs was unconstitutional. The DOJ knew that this statute was illegal. So, they deliberately indicted Hunter using […]

Rule of Law & Prosecutors Are ALWAYS Above the Law

September 15, 2023

Anyone who thinks prosecutors are to be trusted is out of your mind. I have NEVER met one that had an ounce of honesty or ethics. It is extremely rare for any court actually to go after a prosecutor. Perhaps one in a billion. They are on the same team to uphold their 99% conviction […]

G20 & the One World Government Dream

September 14, 2023

  The movement toward a One World Totalitarian State is proceeding. India is the Chair of the G20. This is the proud symbol of the G20 in Lucknow, (Uttar Pradesh) India. The leaders of the G20 over the weekend reached an agreement to impose by sheer force digital currencies and digital IDs on their respective populations. […]

Britain To Imprison People For Not Complying with Net Zero

September 9, 2023

  It is time we understand that the climate change agenda and COVID have been adopted for a single reason. The governments can no longer kick the can down the road regarding debt. The current monetary system is unsustainable. As a result, they will default on their national debts, which will wipe out pensions. These […]

Fani Willis Letter to Jordon is to Protect Her – Not the Law

September 8, 2023

QUESTION: What is your view of Fani Willis telling Jim Jordan, Judiciary Committee chairman, that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about? WY ANSWER: The arrogant letter demonstrates that her charges against Trump et al. are purely political. You do not write to the Judiciary Committee chairman and tell him he does not know what […]

Can Trump Run for President From Prison?

September 7, 2023

By no means is Trump the first to find himself in the crosshairs of the rath of government because he sought real change. Eugene Victor Debs (1855–1926) was an American socialist, political activist, and trade unionist and a founding member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). However, he was also a five-time candidate […]

American Legal Tyranny

September 2, 2023

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, Being a European, I have been shocked at how Trump could be charged with 91 crimes for the same thing. I understand your analogy that if someone kills a person, it is one crime. To set a multitude of murders based on the number of bullets fired would be absurd. So how […]

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