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Is Powell Political?

July 18, 2024

@60minutes Fed chair says he worries about the national debt #nationaldebt #60minutes #federalreserve #debt ♬ original sound – 60 Minutes Donald Trump believes that Federal Chairman Jerome Powell will make decisions for the central bank based on politics. I must say that I do disagree with Trump’s stance on the role of the central bank […]

Household Debt in Canada Exceeds 100% of GDP

July 10, 2024

World leaders spend recklessly with no regard for the overall economy. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has fallen out of favor for one primary reason – the cost of living is too high. Canada is deeply indebted, and now ranks the third-highest nation in household debt in the world. Switzerland and Australia are the only […]

Yellen Denies Food Inflation

July 2, 2024

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen once again is once again gas lighting the public to believe that the Biden Administration has inflation under control. When questioned about the rising prices at grocery stores, Yellen denied that prices have soared astronomically. “I think largely it reflects cost increases, including labor cost increases that grocery firms have experienced, […]

Fed Holds Rates – What Tools Are Left?

June 13, 2024

The Federal Open Market Committee unsurprisingly voted to maintain rates at 5.25% to 5.5%. The numerous cuts others were anticipating are completely off the table, as the central bank said there might be one reduction for the year compared with their optimistic forecast made in March of three rate reductions in 2024. “In recent months, […]

Energy Bills to Rise Across US

June 11, 2024

The EPA is demanding that we abandon coal and fossil fuels without an alternative. The agency is seeking to shut down American power plants in favor of renewables. Energy prices are already reaching new highs. The National Energy Assistance Directors Association (NEADA) and the Center for Energy Poverty and Climate (CEPC) issued a warning that […]

Why is Keynesian Economics Collapsing?

June 10, 2024

John Maynard Keynes in his 1936 book, ‘The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money,” argued aggregate demand was too volatile to be stable and would lead to inflation or recessions. His theory honed in on spending as a means of price control. Low aggregate demand, Keynes argues, would lead to high unemployment and stagflation. […]

Build-to-Rent Communities Grow in Popularity

June 7, 2024

You will own nothing. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have grown in popularity in recent years. America has recently imported a concept stemming from across the pond in the UK to pacify housing fears. Build-to-rent (BTR) communities are becoming a common development as the majority of Americans struggle to either afford or find housing. Around 23% […]

Interest on US National Debt Hits New Record

June 6, 2024

Government spending has consequences. The US national debt has surpassed $34.6 trillion at the time of this writing and continues to grow every minute. America has never been in a deeper deficit. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB) has reported that America was forced to pay $514 billion in the first seven months […]

Fed President Says Americans Would Prefer a Recession to Inflation

June 5, 2024

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari has advised against anticipating near-term rate cuts. While speaking to the Financial Times, the Fed president stated that people would simply prefer a recession to continued inflation. “I have learned that the American people—and maybe people in Europe equally—really hate high inflation. I mean, really viscerally hate […]

Deflation v Inflation v Stagflation – Misconceptions Clarified

May 31, 2024

Some people have a very hard time understanding that we are in a massive deflationary spiral; they think that rising prices simply means it is inflation and not deflation. Then they mistake stagflation for deflation and wonder why people are spending more on less. They only see prices, not disposable income, and certainly not economic […]

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