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One-Third of Americans Believe 2020 Election was Rigged

January 4, 2024

It was once a MAGA extremist conspiracy theory to question the results of the US 2020 Presidential Election. It began by orchestrating the capitol riots on January 6. The FBI infiltrated the crowd and allowed them to enter the capitol, then turned around and called it an insurrection. Every news outlet covered the topic for […]

The GOP Backs Trump – Kennedy Warns of Civil War

December 21, 2023

Finally, the Republicans have come together as a party to condemn the absolute tyranny of current administration. The leading GOP candidates have put their criticisms aside to express their absolute disgust at the Colorado’s Supreme Court’s ruling to remove Trump from the ballot. No candidate was more outspoken in his disgust than Vivek Ramaswamy who […]

Tucker Carlson Will Not Run as Vice President

December 15, 2023

Rumors have been circulating that Tucker Carlson would become Donald Trump’s selection for vice president. The rumors gained traction after former First Lady Melania Trump said that Carlson would be the best for the job. In a recent interview with Megyn Kelly, Carlson confirmed that he has no aspirations for the White House. The good […]

US Air Force Does Not Want Trump Supporters

November 27, 2023

(Above: Far-right domestic terrorists) The government is watching what you do and who you support. They are first alerting military service members that their political alliance could jeopardize their futures. This will be common practice once digital IDs and corresponding social credit scores are implemented. The Air Force has alerted service members not to attend […]

Iran Threatens US – America’s Enemies Grow Bolder

October 19, 2023

America’s adversaries no longer live in fear. They see how divided the nation has become under one of the most disastrous administrations in US history. Only a few short years ago this would not have happened. When the Taliban was threatening the US, then President Trump sent the leader of the Taliban a picture of […]

Hillary Clinton Says Trump Supporters Need “Formal Deprogramming”

October 9, 2023

Donald Trump received 304 electoral votes in the 2016 US Presidential Election, beating Hillary Clinton who only received 227. She harbors extreme resentment toward not only Trump but those who cast him on the ballot over her. The Democrats have repeatedly called “MAGA extremists” domestic terrorists and the largest threat to national security. Clinton has […]

The Trump Florida Indictment Violates the Constitution

August 15, 2023

QUESTION: What is your legal opinion of former AG Barr and this judge in Florida? Barr seems to trash Trump with every breath he takes, and the media seems to emphasize that Trump appointed this judge, so she is biased over the whole grand jury issue. It would be great to hear your perspective. Thanks […]

Trump: I Want Everyone to Stop Dying

July 24, 2023

@jrehighlights1 Could Trump stop the Ukraine war? #donaldtrump #joerogan #war #ukraine #russia ♬ original sound – jrehighlights1 Trump seems to be the only one concerned about the casualties of war. When I went to Mar-a-Lago in March 2020, Trump stressed the fact that he was tired of calling mothers and telling them that their sons […]

US Border Wall Opponents Strongly Favor Aid to Ukraine

July 21, 2023

Remember when former President Donald Trump requested $4 billion in funding to build a wall to protect the US at the southern border? That amount seems like a pocket change now compared to the tens of billions the nation has provided Zelensky to protect the Ukrainian border. As predicted, there has been a mass influx […]

Coke in the White House – Trump v Biden

July 10, 2023

@teerex554_05 ♬ original sound – teerex554_05 The media condemned Donald Trump for drinking Coca-Cola. Numerous media outlets picked up the stories and they tracked exactly how much soda the president consumed each day. They interviewed doctors who called Trump reckless for consuming so much sugar, with some even claiming the soft drink was affecting his […]

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