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France to Confiscate All Private Land by 2025

May 23, 2023

QUESTION: I am writing to you today to seek your expert advice on a much-discussed topic in France: the Lagleize Law. As you probably know, this law, if passed, could radically change the way property ownership is structured in France. The Lagleize law proposes to separate the ownership of the building from the land on […]

Le Pen Criticizes Meloni – Encourages France to Leave NATO

April 17, 2023

“I’m not Meloni’s twin sister, I remain faithful to Salvini,” French politician Marine Le Pen said in regard to the Italian PM. Le Pen condemned Italy’s Meloni for supporting NATO and the EU, and while she condemns Russia’s actions in Ukraine, she does not believe that the proxy war should continue. Le Pen said that […]

French Protestors Target BlackRock

April 11, 2023

  @c4news Protesters in Paris invade the offices of the US-based investment firm BlackRock, as unrest continues over the retirement age rising from 62 to 64. #France #Paris #Protests #franceprotests ♬ original sound – Channel 4 News The pension reform protests in France grew to new proportions. Protesters have not allowed the government to silence […]

Criticizing Government Leaders is now a Crime #MacronOrdure

April 6, 2023

Free speech no longer exists. People are now scared to speak out against their government as if they were in the old USSR. Emmanuel Macron is an absolute tyrant and the French people have had enough. The protests in France over pension reforms receive little news coverage by design. The elite do not want the […]

The BS of Climate Change from Polar Bears to Taxes

December 26, 2019

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, I have worked in the Arctic Circle. They always show polar bears on ice but what they fail to tell the public is that they normally spend time on land in summer when sea ice declines and most pregnant polar bears give birth and make their dens near the coast not on […]

FREXIT – Is France Hurling toward Exiting the EU?

December 9, 2019

France is by no means calming down. There is a major underlying problem in France which is rising to the surface in direct confrontation with the government and Macron’s ambition to lead Europe. Macron’s confrontation with Trump over NATO is a reflection of a historical posture of the French government that has resented both Germany […]

France & the Uprising

November 28, 2019

QUESTION: Would you say that the majority of French are becoming anti-Islam? GSD ANSWER: No, of course not. The blackout of such protests does make it hard to gauge to what extend the French are rising up in protest. Then again, the standard rule of thumb is for every protester there are 10 who stayed […]

France Blocks Reports of Protests Against Muslim Population

November 24, 2019   There is a rising discontent in France, which has the largest Muslim population in Europe. Many French see their language and culture as being suppressed by the politically correct government of Macron. The entire refugee invasion begun unilaterally by Merkel of Germany has changed the shape of Europe drastically. The French government prohibited […]

Piketty is Back As Elizabeth Warren Adopts His Ideas

September 16, 2019

Thomas Piketty, the French economist from communism’s birthplace, is back and this time he wants to drive a stake through the heart of capitalism, end human rights, and deny equal protection of the law in the true spirit of Marxism. Now in his latest treatise, “Capital and Ideology,’’ he argues that governments should fix the […]

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