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Left in France Adopts Biden’s Tactics – Criminally Charging LePen

July 11, 2024

POLITICO has reported that the Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed that they have launched a criminal investigation after a preliminary inquiry. The investigation has targeted Marine Le Pen’s previous presidential bid in 2022 with allegations of embezzlement, forgery, fraud, and a candidate on an election campaign accepting a loan. It is curious that such criminal prosecution of […]

The French LEFT Erupts in Violence over Le Pen

July 7, 2024

The French LEFT is rioting over LePen’s victory in the first round. This is what we should expect in the United States, for regardless of who wins the election, neither side will accept the result. The West is crumbling for politics has become so polarized that civilization is no longer viable. This is what 2032 […]

Political Forecasts – Macron in Trouble

June 30, 2024

Our computer’s political forecasts do not rely on polls. What is most interesting is that when you correlate the economy with politics, you get to see the major swings coming like never before. As I have said, our model has been showing that the 2024 election in the USA should be won by Trump. The […]

The 10 Bn Euro Paris Olympics Disaster

June 25, 2024

We’re fast approaching. ? The Olympic Rings are on the Eiffel Tower. @Paris2024, let’s do this! — The Olympic Games (@Olympics) June 7, 2024 The French are outraged by the amount of money their government has spent on the 2024 Paris Olympics. The government has already spent 9 billion euros on the games, but […]

The French Revolutions – How Many Have There Been?

February 3, 2024

QUESTION: I am wondering about the French Revolution. Was it the first, or is history here also cyclical, and there have been revolutions in France earlier and after? How often they repeat themselves historically and is todays tractor protest part of it? Best regards Vesa.P ANSWER: How many revolutions did France have? That is an […]

Farmers Descend on Paris

January 31, 2024

Farmers throughout the world have been protesting the increasing regulations on agriculture. The media is barely covering the story, and when they do mention it, they say that the farmers are protesting due to Russia blocking supplies from Ukraine. This is simply untrue. The farmers are protesting against over-regulation, taxes, and the climate change agenda […]

Thank God for Truckers & Farmers

January 25, 2024

The World needs to thank the Canadian Truckers. They have inspired so many around the world. The Farmers have staged massive protests in the Netherlands, then Germany, and now in France. Sources from even Southern France say it is impossible to get to work so many road are blocked. At last, a US trucker convoy […]

The French Know How to Protest

December 9, 2023

French farmers throw manure on government buildings to protest high taxes in agricultural sector. This is an effective protest. — RadioGenoa (@RadioGenoa) December 8, 2023   Of course, if the American farmer did that in Washington, they would be called domestic terrorists or insurrectionists and either shot and killed on the spot or imprisoned […]

Biden: If There Were Not An Israel We’d Have to Invent One

October 27, 2023

For those wondering if the US is using Israel as a vassal state, simply look at what President Biden has been spewing since the 80s. “If there were not an Israel, we’d have to invent one,” Biden first said during a Senate session in 1986 after sending Israel $3 billion. Straight from the horse’s mouth, […]

Migrants Responsible for 69% of Violent Crime in France

September 27, 2023

The migrants are more than an economic drain on society. These unaccompanied men with questionable morals are more prone to commit crimes. Forget being politically correct because these are the facts. They come from different nations where there is a different set of morals and social conduct. In France, migrants committed nearly 70% of violent […]

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