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Does the SCOTUS Support Capital Gains Taxes?

June 25, 2024

The government believes it has unlimited power to tax the citizens of the United States. The idea of capital gains taxes on unrealized earnings will be an economic nuclear disaster. The Democrat-appointed Supreme Justices believe that Moore v. United States does not exceed Congress’s Constitutional authority to tax unrealized gains. America’s entire future is on […]

US Taxpayers Hit With Record Penalties in FY23

June 24, 2024

The government has become desperate for funding, seeking out money from their own citizens through taxation. Not only have they raised taxes for every bracket, but the IRS managed to squeeze more money out of Americans through audits for fiscal year 2023 than any year on record. In fact, the IRS shook down Americans for […]

Over Half of New IRS Audits Targeted the Middle Class

May 13, 2024

Washington’s reckless spending comes with a cost to US taxpayers. While the fed may simply roll over their debt and issue new debt to pay off the old, the American public is on the hook for immediate liquidity every single year via taxation. The misconception that Biden would only target the wealthy needs to be […]

Capital Gains Taxes Loom Over Blue States – Welcome to the Great Reset

May 6, 2024

Eleven states may face capital gain taxes to comply with the Biden Administration’s 2025 budget, in which the government must hunt the people for taxes to pay for a fraction of their spending. The concept of capital gains was not within the original Constitution.  The Founding Fathers established a completely new nation in an attempt […]

California’s Exit Tax

April 30, 2024

People have been leaving California in droves due to Governor Gavin Newsom’s socialistic Utopia that demands everyone be taxed on every penny they earn. I’ve long warned that California was unfriendly for businesses and investors. Those who stayed behind will now need to pay to leave under Assembly Bill 2088. California plans to implement a […]

INSANE New Tax Proposal – Stealing from Citizens Legally

April 30, 2024

Success is a punishable offense in Biden’s America. Joe Biden and his administration would like to implement a 44.6% tax on capital gains, the highest tax on capital gains in the nation’s history. Washinton says this tax is necessary to address the looming national debt, but they are simultaneously implementing measures to ensure that the […]

Beware of 2025

April 29, 2024

QUESTION: Hi Martin, What are you thoughts on holding cash into 2028? You said cash was king, but there would come a time to abandon cash. It seems this CBDC thing is what you are talking about. Do you have any time yet? See you in London Kind regards, HF ANSWER: Europeans are much more familiar with […]

Study: 25% of Gen Z Needs Therapy After Filing Taxes

April 4, 2024

Welcome to the real world, kids! A recent poll by Cash App Taxes have found 1 in 4 Gen X Americans (born between 1997 and 2012) believe they need therapy after filing taxes this year. Yes, 25% of that demographic needs psychological help after learning about taxation. Now, this generation was simply unprepared for the […]

How to Destroy a Nation in 2 Generations

April 3, 2024

QUESTION: I believe you analyzed inheritance and how altering it had contributed to society’s decline. Politicians here in Australia are talking about when you die; everything should go to the state because it is not fair that one person inherits more than another. I would greatly appreciate any comments you might have historically on that […]

Biden Simplying Taxes to Cover his $7.5 Trillion Budget

March 30, 2024

According to leaked sources, Biden’s new simplified income-tax form to fund World War III and his Proposed $7.5 trillion budget will be revised, containing only four lines: 1. What was your income for the year? 2. What were your expenses? 3. How much have you left? 4. Send it in.

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