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Forecasting the Future Based on the Past

February 26, 2024

COMMENT #1: I was there at your 2011 WEC. I was dragged along by a friend. I remember well your forecast for war starting in 2014 and your forecast that the Dow would go to 40,000. I thought you were crazy. I bet my friend $100 you would be wrong. I had to pay up. […]

Programming in the 19th century

January 29, 2024

COMMENT: Dear Marty, your blog post on programming and programmers having same results with different programs brings back memories. i went to high school in hawaii in the late 70’s and we had a mainframe and 2 courses for 2 languages, FORTRAN and assmebler. i took FORTRAN, the smart guys took assembler and we all […]

Computers Why

January 28, 2024   QUESTION: I have two questions. First, what made you enter the world of computers in the 1960s without laptops or desktops? Did you see the potential for the future? Second, you had said you were working on bringing voice to Socrates online. Where do you stand with that? KN   ANSWER: My father […]


January 28, 2024

QUESTION: In the video that you just share about the Model, you explain that you programmed Socrates to look at the whole world and “analyze” (this is key) the word analyze, if I understand programming a computer is a a bunch of If then or For Next, how do you program a computer to “Analyze” […]

President Biden vs Texas

January 25, 2024

We have a MAJOR Constitutional Crisis between the actions of Biden himself and the recent Supreme Court ruling against Texas relying on the Supremacy Clause, which defies the entire intent of the purpose and promises of joining the union. It is astonishing that Justices Roberts and Barrett sided with the left wing and have allowed […]

World War III – It’s Inevitable

October 31, 2023

  COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; It is safe to say that nobody can hold a light to Socrates. Nobody has forecast war three years in advance as you did in 2011. Nobody has predicted a Middle East War in advance as you did two years ago. Even your posts on Turkey and its conflict with NATO, […]

Descending Deep into this Darkness

August 26, 2023

QUESTION: Marty, One of my mentors told me about you 6 months ago. Since that time, I have been an avid reader of your public and private blogs. Additionally, I’ve incorporated the Socrates arrays into my trading strategy. First and foremost, thank you so much for everything you do. The world needs a voice like you […]

Bakhmut falls & Greece Elections Defeat the Polls

May 22, 2023

 COMMENT #1: Marty, I really do not know how Socrates does it. You were correct. May was a critical target. Bakhmut has fallen not just on the monthly target, but right to the week. It is becoming obvious why the CIA and the bankers went after you. Socrates beats everything even geopolitically. Just amazing. Greg […]

Here is a Larger Video of Socrates’ Solution

May 12, 2023   This was the Question asked: Socrates, how do I solve a debt crisis without a default that is fair to both sides? The post Here is a Larger Video of Socrates’ Solution first appeared on Armstrong Economics.

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