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How To End Ukrainian War in 5 minutes

July 10, 2024

When Yugoslavia broke up, it did so along ethnic lines. This is why the West is waging World War III because they hate Russians when there is no difference here between Yugoslavia and Ukraine. The Donbas should have been allowed to separate, for that is the fundamental human right that the West is ignoring, claiming […]

Neocons Still Trying to Create WWIII Before the Election

July 3, 2024   As long as the West continues to allow the Neocons to control this war, then there will be no stopping World War III. These people have spent their entire lives hating Russians for particularly personal reasons. These Neocons have waged endless wars since Vietnam. They had lied to the American public to justify […]

Putin & the May 7th Turning Point

June 30, 2024

COMMENT: Living in Eastern Europe, I can see how your May 7th target marked Putin’s change in attitude. Before May 7th, it was others who brought up nuclear war. May 7th saw Putin yield to his critics, and ever since, he has been directly warning the world about nuclear war. I think your model pinpointed […]

G7 Dancing with Russian Assets and Poking the Bear

June 13, 2024

The G7 (Group of Seven) leaders reached an agreement on June 13th to utilize frozen Russian assets in their continued support of the war in Ukraine. However, they dance very carefully with the bear. They are NOT handing the actual assets to Ukraine – the most corrupt country perhaps in the world. The Pandora Papers revealed that […]

PRIVATE BLOG – The Real Forecast for Europe et al

June 11, 2024

PRIVATE BLOG – The Real Forecast for Europe et al Private blog posts are exclusively available to Socrates subscribers. To sign-up for Socrates or to learn more, please visit

Ukraine the Expendable Vanguard for World War III

June 4, 2024

The US dollar continues to soar against the Ukrainian Hryvnia despite all the propaganda desperately trying to pretend Ukraine can win and survive. The entire purpose of the Ukraine proxy war against Russia has been to kill as many Russians as possible to further expand the U.S. and NATO’s conventional superiority over Russia. This has […]

Ukraine Has Lost – Nobody Ever Expected it to Win

May 21, 2024

  I appeared on Russia Today over the weekend because it is important to show the Russian people that the West is not all hateful Neocons. However, the forecasts are NEVER my personal opinion. That is why so many governments turn to us. I do not tell them only what they want to hear. Ukraine […]

Assassination Attempt May be Because He Cut Aid to Ukraine

May 15, 2024

  The Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, has suffered an attempted assassination. The rumor is that the assailant was pro-Ukraine. Fico’s renewed leadership as prime minister began with his halting of military aid to Ukraine in January, and just last month, he pushed through plans to crap public broadcaster RTVS. Some have accused the […]

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