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By admin / January 3, 2020

We have received a number of requests for press interviews since this book seems to be the fastest-selling book ever on Amazon given it sold out in less than three hours. We have staff in Germany, the Middle East, North America, and Asia to coordinate interviews and copies of the book for the press as […]


Wikipedia: Fake News & Propaganda – A Tool of the Deep State?

By admin / December 20, 2019

Wikipedia is a professional propaganda organization that allows fake news and outright illegal propaganda to dominate the internet. Most schools no longer accept Wikipedia as a valid source for citation in universities. The only areas where Wikipedia may be accurate are where the topics have nothing to do with a political agenda. Where there are […]


Media Conspiracy that the Washington Post & NY Times Declined to Join

By admin / December 13, 2019

What is fascinating is the revelation that mainstream media has indeed conspired with the group led by Greenpeace to sell climate change. This includes the top names like CBS, Bloomberg, BuzzFeed, HuffPost, The Daily Beast, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Slate, Vanity Fair, and even the Weather Channel. However, both the left-leaning Washington Post and New York […]


Fake News is Spreading Worldwide

By admin / November 27, 2019

According to an Infratest poll, 38 percent of Germans consider the media politically driven and 33 percent consider the media unbelievable. Despite the fact that the mainstream media keeps attacking Trump because he has called them “Fake News,” there is a growing discontent with news overall. Governments are manipulating the news and sites like Wikipedia […]


Government Raid Australian Press to Impose Censorship

By admin / October 22, 2019

We have lost all of our freedoms, we are just too busy to take notice. The pretend whistleblower against Trump was orchestrated by Democrats to create an issue for 2020 to impeach Trump. The real whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has to live in Russia for they would imprison him under Treason. In Australia, a whistleblower exposure […]


Can Anyone Really Influence Elections?

By admin / September 12, 2019

QUESTION: Hey Marty, If the Labour (UK) and far-left Democrats (YUSA) can use fake news and outrageous lies to manipulate the outcome of elections, destroy the capital formation in Britain, why can’t the Tory and the conservatives in both the UK and USA fight fire with fire and do the same to them? SSP ANSWER: […]


Why the CNN Fake News & Others are a Major Threat to Democracy

By admin / September 5, 2019

We think of false information as a domestic problem that Trump is in the battle with CNN and the term “fake news” is just political talk. It’s far more dangerous than that. The history books confirm that the Spanish American War was created by the press falsely reporting an attack that never took place. The […]


Washington Post Praying for a Recession to Defeat Trump

By admin / August 24, 2019

It has become obvious that the mainstream press is FAKE NEWS. They are indeed out to get Trump and are using their position to desperately try to support the bureaucracy. The Washington Post has run a story stating Trump is wrong about the strength of the US economy. They claim his own advisors are warning […]


CNN Fake News Viewership has Collapsed 20%

By admin / July 5, 2019

In all of cable TV during primetime, FOX was number one, MSNBC number two, and CNN collapsed to now number 15. The personal far-left view of the editors at CNN has taken fake news to new heights. CNN came in 15th place in primetime during the previous quarter and lost nearly 20 percent of its already […]

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