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Ashley Biden’s Journal Confirmed to be Factual Yet Again

May 14, 2024

The mainstream media continues to sweep this information under the rug, but if it were not (D)ifferent), this would be one of the biggest presidential scandals in modern history. Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden, left a diary a rehabilitation facility for sex-related trauma. The diary was shrouded in mystery and Biden’s PR team vehemently denied […]

House Democrats Pushing to Permit Migrants to Vote

May 13, 2024

I’m posting this so there’s no confusion about what democrats had planned all along for the upcoming election. — sandy (@3Sandy7_) May 9, 2024 A few votes could change the course of history. The Equal Representation Act questions whether illegal migrants should appear on the next US census in 2030, effectively granting them representation. […]

Civil Unrest Across US Universities – Staged Actors

May 6, 2024

  Staged actors have been embedded in US universities to promote the pro-Palestinian, anti-US sentiments. Professional agitators have been utilized countless times throughout periods of civil unrest, and while the media has repeatedly denied that Soros and other far-left funders are backing these protests, the evidence is in plain sight. CNN reported that many of […]

AstraZeneca Admits Vaccine Had Lethal Side Effect

May 2, 2024

Vaccine manufacturers and health agencies have been silently admitting that their “safe and effective” COVID-19 mRNA vaccines have deadly side effects. AstraZeneca (AZN) is the latest manufacturer to admit that their vaccine was lethal as a class-action lawsuit attempts to hold the pharmaceutical company responsible. One of the first cases filed against the company came […]

INSANE New Tax Proposal – Stealing from Citizens Legally

April 30, 2024

Success is a punishable offense in Biden’s America. Joe Biden and his administration would like to implement a 44.6% tax on capital gains, the highest tax on capital gains in the nation’s history. Washinton says this tax is necessary to address the looming national debt, but they are simultaneously implementing measures to ensure that the […]

Why Congress has a 7% Approval Rating – Corruption

April 28, 2024

Ron Paul Trashes Speaker Mike Johnson in Stunning New Monologue “Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is reported to have bragged to his colleagues about how easily Speaker Johnson gave Democrats everything they wanted and asked for nothing in return.” “In the worst example of… — The Vigilant Fox ? (@VigilantFox) April 23, 2024   […]

Banks Wage War on Gun Ownership

April 24, 2024

The government has successfully weaponized the banks against the people. Major banks are voluntarily sharing customers’ private transactions with the federal government “as part of a wildly overbroad financial surveillance scheme intended to identify domestic terrorists,” a group of attorneys general wrote in a letter to Bank of America in regards to discrimination against Christian […]

Background Checks are Racist

April 24, 2024

Biden’s botched recreation of Trump’s convenience store stop has resulted in more than a failed campaign attempt. On the same day that Joe Biden shuffled through Sheetz, a privately owned convenience store chain with 700 stores across six states, an organization in line with his administration decided to file a lawsuit against Sheetz for violating […]

Major Banks Debanking Christians

April 23, 2024

Debanking has become a major issue in recent years as institutions feel the current government gives them leeway to discriminate against customers based on their political beliefs. This is happening throughout the Western world. Most recently, fifteen attorneys general sent a letter to Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan about his bank’s “troubling financial pattern” […]

Canadian Govt Offers Vaccine Victim Suicide as Compensation for Paralysis

April 23, 2024

Kayla Pollock, 37, was a healthy woman from Ontario with no medical issues. Everything changed with Kayla took the Moderna mRNA experimental vaccine on January 11, 2022. Four days later, she collapsed and could lost feeling in her legs. Her doctor suggested she see a neurologist. Kayla woke up one morning in February and was […]

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