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The President Overtaking the Federal Reserve – BAD IDEA

May 1, 2024

I do not agree with Donald Trump’s view of the Federal Reserve. I speak on behalf of sound economic policies that benefit the people. I do not blindly support a political candidate for the sake of being on the right side. Now, I criticized Trump during his presidency for constantly pressuring the central bank to […]

Why Are Central Banks Buying Gold?

April 3, 2024

Investors’ curiosity has peaked as central banks are increasing their gold purchases. We are not going back to a Bretton Woods type situation and that is not the issue. You must understand that gold is neutral. Central banks are buying gold because the Neocons have weaponized the dollar. Russia was removed from the SWIFT system, […]

Powell: March Rate Cut Unlikely

March 7, 2024

Those who follow this blog already knew that the Federal Reserve would not drop rates in the future due to unsustainable fiscal policies paired with America’s increasing involvement in foreign wars. All of the talking heads were preaching that rates would significantly decline to pandemic levels, as if that were the historical norm. Every fiscal […]

Inflation Dropped in Canada – So Why is the Cost of Living Unaffordable?

February 22, 2024

Statistics Canada reported that inflation slowed in January to 2.9%, beating expectations of 3.3%. So why are Canadians still struggling to afford basic necessities like rent and food? Mortgage interest costs remain the top noted driver of inflation after rising 27.4% YoY, while rentals increased 7.9% during the same period. Bank of Canada governor Tiff […]

Christine Lagarde’s Approval Tanks Among own Staff

February 5, 2024

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde’s approval rating is “poor,” at best, according to a union-run IPSO survey. Around 60% of European Central Bank staff members do not approve of Lagarde’s presidency, with 53.5% saying she is not the “right president for the ECB at the current juncture.” The poll found that 59% of staffers […]

Why We Should Not Blame the Federal Reserve

January 10, 2024

One piece of analysis commonly misconstrued is the Federal Reserve’s role in the nation’s economic health. Even those who have the ability to piece together other variables that often go unnoticed commonly point their finger at the Federal Reserve. No one is factoring in the largest driver of inflation – WAR – nor are they […]

What Will the Fed do in 2024?

January 3, 2024

Everyone wants to know what the Federal Reserve will do in 2024. Of course, people want to believe that the Fed will slash interest rates in the New Year. The pundits cling to every word except when, at the start of the month of December, Powell boldly criticized the Biden Administration, saying that his outrageous […]

Understanding the Failure of QE

December 22, 2023

COMMENT: Thank you. That post finally opened my eyes. That’s why there has been no inflation with all the QE and negative interest rates since 2014 here in Europe. If I buy your house and we are in the same country, it’s just a poker game. The number of chips on the board just moved […]

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