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PRIVATE BLOGThe private blog is available to Socrates subscribers. Currently, the private blog is available on the homepage of the Investor level. Please note that the private blog is not available on the WEC Trader preview site at this time. Many people prefer us to keep certain information private that is specific to investing in a given market. Since we have no control over who views the main blog and do not want to require registration to access a public service, the only alternative was to set up a private blog for actual clients. Therefore, from time to time specific forecasts relating to individual markets will be on the private blog.

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The New Song for New Era

The more people we can inform The greater the hope of making a difference     The Eve of Destruction was a smash hit released July 1965 Today’s theme song [...]
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Estonia’s Date with Destiny

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, You have a large following here in Estonia. It was disturbing for our leaders to talk about breaking up Russia. As you know, this region has been [...]
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