TTIP: Will it Fail?

1-ECM 2032


Dear Mr. Armstrong,

Your article on the trend set in motion with reference to Trump was fantastic. The world and how it ticks is truly fascinating, your work in investigating how it does so is worthy of any prize and will surely go down in history as the greatest investigation into humanity of all time. Always building on the work done by previous great minds and expanding on it.

Globalisation is a feature you predicted with the ECM you developed. Recently I came across the TTIP program – Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. I was wondering if this is a feature of the trend towards globalisation which you saw possible? Is it possible that we could see a massive trade and investment peak before the crash and burn? Or is it crash and burn first with a spike in gold and then start a fresh? The “crash and burn” event you spoke of. Is this crash and burn of government ?
(the drop after 2030 looks pretty serious on the ECM) It seems that the degree of corruption “behind the curtain” is a webbed network around the globe…..people I think are waking up to the level of totalitarianism enforced upon them by powerful government circles, unknown names, unknown faces……the pot seems ready boil over


ANSWER: The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will be a failure. There is nothing governments can do to stimulate the world economy. To encourage trade, you do not support the reporting among nations that will begin in 2017. You do not impose a global tax on companies, as proposed by the IMF. You do not keep increasing enforcement on taxes while claiming that you are expanding the world economy. So do not expect some surge in global trade.

There is nothing we can do to alter the business cycle. The West will crash and burn, and the global economy will rise from the ashes in Asia — not Europe or the U.S. Gold and tangible assets will make the transition from one monetary system to the next. It has nothing to do with the quantity of money. It has to do with a collapse in confidence in the state. That is what we are witnessing with Trump right now. The pundits are fools. They think they can attack Trump to hold on to their elite status and power. Sorry, that is just not the way this works. They will never reform because they will not admit that they have ever done anything wrong.

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