Now Available: Part I of the “2016 Gold Report”

Gold 2016 Part I

Metals Report 2016Part I of the “2016 Gold Report” is now available. In this report, you will find the most extensive review and explanation on the gold benchmarks with charts dating back to the 1970s, illustrating their performance and how cycle inversions unfold. In addition to this year’s report, we have provided a special video on gold and silver that covers the gold/silver ratio as well. This was filmed last week and is time sensitive.

We are targeting the reaction high and the final low. The report also goes into detail as to where the $5,000 projection comes from looking out beyond 2018.

We have tried to provide the most in-depth analysis perhaps ever undertaken so that you can understand the REAL machinations in the precious metals and not the BS, fluff, propaganda, or sales jobs created from half-backed theories and distortions of history. To invest successfully, you really have to understand what you are buying and WHY. If you buy gold for the WRONG reason, you will also never take a profit and watch it evaporate into thin air.

2016 Gold Report

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Part I of the “2016 Gold Report” will come in the form of a downloadable PDF document along with access to a video analysis. We plan to release part II of the report later in the year. Of course, anyone who purchases the “2016 Gold Report” will receive every part of the report once it is available.

2016 Gold Report $500

All reports are watermarked with the customer’s name for security purposes. The video will be password accessible to one individual IP address.

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