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70% of American Cities in Debt – Pension Crisis will Cause Taxes to RISE

February 23, 2024

A study by Truth in Accounting (TIA) revealed that 70% of America’s largest cities fell into a deficit in fiscal year 2022. Out of the 75 cities studied, 53 simply did not have the funds to pay their bills. The study found that the total debt among the 75 cities had reached $288 billion, and […]

Ukraine Cannot Pay Govt in 2024 Without Billions from the West

January 2, 2024 Most do not realize that the West has been funding Ukraine’s entire government. Biden and other world leaders have promised Zelensky that they would fund the salaries and pensions for all Ukrainian politicians and government workers. Yuliia Svyrydenko, First Deputy Prime Minister, issued a warning that Ukraine will be unable to pay MILLIONS of […]

US Government Gets a Raise by Executive Order

December 28, 2023

President Biden has signed an executive order to implement a 5.2% pay raise for civilian federal workers in 2024, which is the largest pay increase for the federal workforce in over 40 years. This raise includes a 4.7% across-the-board boost to basic pay and an average 0.5% increase in locality pay. Military service personnel are […]

PRIVATE BLOG – Public Pension Crisis

December 11, 2023

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Carney of Bank of England Claims Climate Change Will Make Pensions Worthless

January 17, 2020

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Is the head of the Bank of England Mark Carney using climate change to claim that pension funds will be worthless? He is just insane or a fraud using this to cover up the pension fund crisis? SK ANSWER: There is just no possible way that climate change has anything to do […]

Pension Crisis – Congress is Unable to Act Because of Gridlock

January 12, 2020

Trump has called the Democrats the do-nothings. All they have been focused on is impeaching Trump for the polls they are looking at behind the curtain all show Trump will beat whoever they put up as their candidate. the motto has been – if you can’t beat him, impeach him. There is no other area […]

BRICS, Real Estate, & Pensions

December 19, 2019

QUESTION: Dear Amstrong, Thank you for all the training you have been teaching us for years. Even though I have gone through 3 universities and have special titles in economics and finance, only after accompanying you for these 15 years, I could understand a little of the true world in which we live. I have two […]

GE Pension Crisis Escalates

October 10, 2019

General Electric Co announced it was freezing its pension fund for about 20,000 U.S. employees with salaried benefits as the Pension Crisis continues to build. Its pension deficit is up to $8 billion. GE’s pension plan has been closed to new entrants since 2012. This is the cost of Quantitative Easing and lowering interest rates […]

Is Chicago Doomed?

September 10, 2019

COMMENT: Chicago is at it again. The new mayor, Lorie Lightfoot, is proposing a sales tax for high end professional services such as accounting, legal and investment banking. Can you imagine how fast the business district will be vacant! VL REPLY: Chicago is rather doomed. The teachers wanted to put a tax on all trading […]

Why I Thank God I am Not 25

August 16, 2019

QUESTION: Mr Armstrong, In this morning’s blog you stated that the Dems are trying to take control of the power in Chicago, which I assume is the plan for everywhere eventually. My question is; In your opinion is the fact they are being so blatant in their attack on our freedoms indicate that they are […]

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