Republicans for Hillary Because Trump is not a Conservative? Really?

Hillary Laughing

Republicans for Hillary are starting to emerge under the pretense that Donald Trump is not a “conservative,” if you can believe that one. There have been secret meetings behind closed curtains among the Republican elite. The story they will spin is that Trump is not a conservative and his anti-Mexican comments would hurt the party, so they support Hillary instead. That is about as far from the truth as anyone can get. We all know that whatever anyone says while running for president has little chance of ever happening. They said Ronald Reagan was a hawk who would start World War III. The real issue behind the curtain is simply that Trump is an outsider who would threaten their cushy jobs. Hillary is by no means a “conservative,” and on that score she is far worse than anything Trump has had to say. So what is really the story here?

It is simply that Trump is an outsider. I have written many times that John Boehner was a dictator. He threw off anyone who supported Ron Paul from every finance committee. It had nothing to do with the people they represented. His forced resignation was the start of this civil unrest within the Republican Party. But because they have banned mirrors on Capitol Hill, everyone else is the problem and never the members of the “establishment.” I wrote how if Boehner was made dictator he would NEVER shut down any agency or reduce government. This is all about maintaining the status-quo.

So now a split is emerging. Republicans for Hillary are starting to shape up inside the Republican establishment. They will, no doubt, change the rules in the way they rigged them to stop Ron Paul’s name from being introduced because he had won delegates. That means ONLY Trump’s name can be introduced for nomination. We are watching the pretense of a Democracy crumble and fall. What they do not get, even now, is that this is not about Trump. He just appears to be the choice of the “silent majority” as the lesser of two evils. The bankers will be pouring heaps of money on Hillary for they too do not want to be on the side who does not own the White House. That is the HUGE THREAT to the establishment that Trump represents. He would be far more “conservative” than the pretend Republican “conservatives” who have gone along with making government bigger and bigger. This has nothing to do with “conservatives” but everything to do with the special interests who own them. They want Hillary before Trump any day. This is going to make 2016 very interesting for it is a real battle. I suspect they will conjure up anything if not some staged assassination and blame it on a Mexican who they will pay very well. Then, like the Kennedy assassination, pay another to kill him who will conveniently die before trial of natural causes. Hey, they know what works.

Note: Kennedy was against expanding the military establishment and it has been argued that this was the motive to eliminate him. His debate on funding the military created a gold panic in 1960 which revealed his understanding of the issue that the decline in the dollar and ultimately Bretton Woods was caused by military expansion.

Eisenhower’s warning upon leaving office in his Farewell Address on January 17, 1961, was to beware of the “military establishment.”

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