Will Britain Stay or Go?

BREXIT On Schedule

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, what do you think the British will do? Stay or go? Will you be here for the vote?

ANSWER: I will be there. It looks more like urgent meetings forming after the vote; not before. I would say that the odds of a BREXIT vote to leave are not looking good. It is hard to predict this because I expect the vote to be rigged just as they rigged the vote in Austria claiming they had to count the mail-ins and suddenly the establishment won by 31,000 votes. Hofer may be telling people to be calm to prevent violence. But everything points to fraud as it did in Scotland.

We will publish the BREXIT report next week. If the Brits vote to leave, Europe collapses. The EU needs Britain desperately. Why keep the pound at all? There is no point. They should just jump in pool. Why just put your big toe in? This is the 43 year target for the Britain joining the EU back in 1973. This may end up as the final nail in the British coffin of empire. They even paid S&P to say if the Brits vote to exit, they will remove the pound as a major reserve currency, which is a joke. Why? The S&P are always paid and say whatever the highest bidder demands. Cameron has pulled out absolutely everyone to say Britain must stay. Unfortunately, he is betraying his own country. S&P’s statement is meaningless. They are a rating agency who has joined the “club” and their performance in 2007 giving AAA ratings to junk bonds that blew up the world proved that. I personally believe the S&P is not to be trusted.



2000PRESHere was the computer projection for the 1992 and 1996 Presidential elections showed that the Democrats should have won the popular vote. Clinton won both elections.Now look at the 2000 Presidential election. Our model projected a Democratic victory which would have been Al Gore over Bush. As we know, they refused to recount the Florida vote and it ended up in the Supreme Court which ruled along party lines.

After the election, the votes were correctly counted. They indeed showed that Gore should have won. Our model does not forecast the rigging, but who should win. I can say in the case of Scotland, Austria and the upcoming BREXIT, all three should have been against the EU. That said, the likelihood of allowing the British to leave is highly doubtful for Brussels will collapse.

BREXIT Report CoverThat is why so many are chiming in to keep Britain in the EU. All their reasoning is nonsense. This is a very sad day for Britain. It will see its independence slip away into thin air. You cannot save the EU. This is like someone falls off the cliff so you jump as well to hold their hand on the way down.

The EU is a total failure. This federalization of Europe is a deliberate utopia for politicians with high paying jobs, tax exemptions, and the people have no possible ability to ever vote for a policy change. This is the most anti-democratic structure ever thought of in Western culture.

We will issue a special report on THE FATE OF BRITAIN. This will be available next week. It is a very important report looking at Britain and what lies ahead covering the pound, pound/euro, and the FTSE.


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