Lynch Refuses to even Recuse Herself Proving This is All a Lie



The dishonesty never ends. The Attorney General Loretta Lynch has proven she is not trustworthy and playing games. She now says she will accept the recommendations of career prosecutors and the FBI director on whether to charge Hillary Clinton for mishandling emails. But the FBI director is also appointed by Obama and is subordinate to her. She did not say she would publish the FBI report, she simply claimed she would accept it. She refused to recuse herself from the investigation which is mandatory in any such setting. In my own case, when I made it to the Supreme Court, Justice Sonya Satomayor recused herself because she sat on the decision being appealed. It was her separate opinion disagreeing with Judge John Walker that helped to secure my entry to the Supreme Court. Any such connection requires recusal. The fact that Lynch will not recuse herself shows this is a rigged game when in fact she should resign.

She now hopes that if the Hillary wins, she retains her job. So her personal incentive is not to make sure Hillary wins or else she is out of a job.

Let’s make no mistake about this. There no possible way the Democratic Party would allow Hillary to go this far if they were NOT already given the wink and the mod from Obama. The fact that Lynch refuses to recuse proves that she will retain the last word to make sure Hillary is not indicted. This whole system in Washington has become just disgusting.

There should be an independent body to which any petitioner applies to recuse a judge or a government attorney. That should be a panel of 9 independent lawyers from the private sector and ALL lawyers must participate rotating that position. No judge should ever sit in judgment over his own conduct. It is a joke.

Owen Changing Transcripts

In my case, I confronted Judge Richard Owen about changing the transcripts in court inserting and removing words to alter the public record. This was a federal crime. He had to admit publicly to a crime but claimed he never changed anything material. Then he refused to recuse himself. Legally, I had the right to then cross-examine him to determine if what he changed was material. He said he did not, that was it, and refused to answer questions. I appealed to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and they refused to even docket the appeal. These people can do whatever they want and nobody can do anything. Lynch is playing the same game. She refuses to recuse herself. How can anyone question her whatsoever. She can direct the FBI not to recommend indictment, say that was their conclusion, and never reveal the details.

It is a crime for a citizen to lie to government – just ask Martha Stewart. It is fair game for them to lie to us all the time.

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