Why Won’t Hillary Release Her Medical Records? What is She Hiding?


The talk behind the curtain is that Hillary has a brain implant to calm her Parkinson’s disease. This way to deal with the disease is becoming more common as the FDA has approved such implants. This video shows the dramatic results of how this technology works. The rumor is that this is why Hillary was not publicly around for a week.

The other speculation says she was wired with people reading the answers to her. Ear phones were prohibited for the debate including the moderator. So was she cheating? You can clearly see the bulge and wire running up her back.

Indeed, Hillary may have had an implant to deal with all the criticism on the web about her having tremors and Parkinson’s disease. Notice as she is walking she holds her hand on her chest and that is the classic way to prevent people from seeing a tremor. She clearly does all the tricks to handle Parkinson’s disease. Being absent for a week is a very long time in this race. She did not need a week to prepare. I do public speaking and debates. I have never known someone to need a week to practice.

Hillary collapsed at the 9/11 memorial from something besides simple dehydration, as she claimed. Notice before she is put in the van, she is leaning up against the concrete pillar. When she moves forward, she cannot even walk on her own. This is Parkinson’s disease and shown in the video. He cannot walk and would collapse with the implant turned off.

There are a slew of questions emerging about her health and the strange objects that appear regularly under her pantsuits. While Hillary says Trump is hiding something by not releasing his tax returns, Hillary may be hiding something by refusing to reveal her medical record. That seems to be the bigger issue. Even with all the scandals aside and questions about the Clinton Foundation running in parallel to her Presidency, if she is not medically fit, the world has a right to know.

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