Hillary is a Lesbian


Well the emails are now pouring in saying: “OMG, your sources are unbelievable.”  Back on July 18th, i told the story that when the Clintons first entered the White House, I received a call with the source was the Secret Service saying that Hillary was a lesbian. I wrote:

“Shortly after the Clintons entered the White House, I received a call from someone connected with the Secret Service. I was told an agent was patrolling the second floor and caught Hillary in bed with another woman. Hillary threw an ashtray at the agent and hit him in the head. I didn’t believe it. Then a piece made the press that noted that agents were no longer allowed to patrol the second floor since one was injured in the head.”

Now Gennifer Flowers, one of the many women servicing Bill Clinton, came out and told the dirty little secret why Bill has so many affairs and Hillary only gets mad when he is caught. Flowers has let it all out at last. The headline in the Daily Mail in London, of course, reads: “Two decades after her affair with Bill Clinton, Gennifer Flowers reveals they’d be together now if it wasn’t for Chelsea and how former president confided in her that Hillary was bisexual.” It is questionable if she is bisexual for EVERYTHING I have ever heard BEHIND THE CURTAIN is she is just a lesbian.

Look. I do not make up this stuff. First of all, I would never make a false claim about someone. That is just something you do not do. If you look at the women appointed to many positions, you will also see feminist lesbians demonstrating Hillary ran the ship, not Bill. No first lady in history ever had financial scandals. Bill had the womenizer sex scandals, but the money issues were all Hillary.

Even Linda Tripp, who exposed Bill’s affair with Monica who worked in the White House and her office was next to Hillary’s, warned Hillary must NEVER become President. Tripp warns that Hillary is a liar and treats the public with contempt. This is why she set up her own server to hide everything from the Freedom of Information Act requests. With what became known as “Bimbo Eruptions” with Bill, Tripp said it was Hillary who would ruthless destroy their reputations to cast them as liars. Tripp also had to go to London to get her story out as did Flowers and of course Snowden.

All I can say is that Hillary had always a reputation for having a gutter mouth, nasty, liar, and the one in charge in her relationship that was purely for political gain. She had also had a reputation that she would do absolutely anything to be the first woman president.

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